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Local Businesses Thankful Because of Community Support
By BrittaNy amalfi
We are officially nine months into 2021, and these past two years have been nothing short of challenging for everyone. Yet, despite all of the struggles we’ve faced, we’ve also stayed vigilant in continuing to live our lives every day. During these times, businesses have been severely impacted but have continued doing what they can to provide for their clientel. What some may have overlooked, however, are the businesses that have opened just recently. No one could have prepared to open a business right before a pan- demic, but it happened quite a bit, which poses the question, how does that work?
Well, there have been small businesses opening from all over, but right here in our Newfound area, the companies opened over the past few years have gained strong connections with the
community as they meet new people and provide their won- derful services. Some of the new businesses that opened in Bris- tol are Newfound Impressions, Fran’s Ceramics, PVF Builders and A Newfound Spa. These local businesses have all become staples in the Newfound area with the heart and soul they put into providing a service for their customers.
Newfound Impressions
offering design and printing services, is owned by Dawna Shackley, who told me “it’s truly a blessing to be apart of such a supportive community.” When
asked about the connections she’s made within the com- munity, she stated that “I have strong ties in the community, from baby births announce- ments, to wedding invites and funeral programs, I have pro- vided a lot of materials for all occasions. My customers come from near and far just to sup- port me and I could not be more grateful that they trust me with the most important events.”
Newfound Impressions opened in August 2019, and has certainly made an impact in the community offering printing, signage and design services along with copies and faxing as well as the new addition of the New- found Lake Life Newspaper. “I truly love coming to work every day and helping my custom- ers with their printing needs,” Dawna said.
A Newfound Spa has also found a place within this close-
Fran’s Ceramics & Gifts
12 Central Square, Bristol, NH
(603) 707-9815
knit community. The spa opened on August 3rd, 2020, during the peak of COVID times. Offer- ing services like facials, chemi- cal peels, manicures, and much more. When asked about run- ning a business in the Newfound area, Stacie Haas said, “It has been great. You really start to enjoy seeing your local clien- tele often, and you develop a close relationship with them as they come in more and become comfortable with sharing things about their lives.” Stacie Haas, one of the co-owners and lives in Hebron for about seven years, while the other co-owner, Katie Robbins was born and raised in Bristol. “When clients become friends, they become family. They were so understanding during COVID and they worked with us to make it work. We’re a team. We really do have the best clients ever,” said Haas.
Also, A Newfound Spa will be holding Teacher Appreciation Month during September and will offer local teachers 15% off any service.
Fran’s Ceramics opened on August 1, 2019, and offers a wide variety of ceramics ser- vices for birthday parties, bridal showers, large get togethers, and much more. The owner, Fran Bates, has been doing this since 1987 and loves being apart of this community. The New- found area was definitely one who came together to support
local businesses during COVID times. “The community here is wonderful. During the last year when it was hard for all of us, they kept me going by buying unfinished pieces, so they could be passed out for those who were stuck at home. I can't thank them enough.” Fran enjoys running a business where people come back in and tell her how much they enjoyed what she does. “I want to thank all those that have come in and supported me and have bought some of my fin- ished works and the sweet things they say about my pieces. I love helping in out the community where ever I can because they have helped me,” Fran said.
Paul V. Fleming & Sons is a residential construction com- pany that has been in the area since 2007. In January of 2020 they opened a cabinet shop in downtown Bristol providing ev- erything from windows, doors, and decks to full design to build homes. “We love doing kitchens, its where we can take a minute and make something perfect. It’s so fun to sit down with a cus- tomer and bring their ideas from paper to reality.” When asked about running the business, Paul Fleming said, “Running this business has definitely shown me that life is unpredictable. One month can vary so much to the next. Changes in the weather, the economy, and COVID re- lated issues can affect our busi- ness dramatically, even with the struggles of last year. I love this area and am very happy to be apart of this community.”Like the other businesses, PVF Build- ers has a strong relationship with their clients. “I like to think of my customers more as clients. They are not someone I’m going to only work with once, I hope they would continue to call for anything construction-related. I really feel that we build a friend- ship with most of our customers as we are trying to make their dreams come to life.”
These newer businesses truly value their clients and the tight- knit Newfound community shows how strong these relation- ships are.
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