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 By alex soBolov
Zeke Richardson is a young man that has been ingrained into the culture of Newfound for many years. Zeke graduated from Newfound Regional High School in 2020, but has contin- ued to participate in the 18-21 year old program that the New- found Special Education Depart- ment offers. Zeke is a friend to all and thoroughly enjoys making people laugh. He has not just been an integral member in the school community at Newfound, but has had an equal impact through his participation in ath- letics.
As an athlete, Zeke Richard- son has been one of the biggest contributors to the development of Unified Sports at Newfound. He has been a participant in Unified Soccer since its origin in 2016, as well as the Unified Basketball team since it began in 2017. If you have ever been to one of Zeke’s games, you will quickly recognize his unique combination of strong athletic
talents and charismatic person- ality. His positive attitude is con- tagious. In addition to making baskets, Zeke can
often be found high-fiving peo- ple in the stands, chatting with ref- erees during tim- eouts, dancing at halftime or even making friends with his oppo- nents during the middle of games. Zeke takes full advantage of all that is great with Unified Sports and he often shares his joy with all in atten- dance.
In addition to his participation on these teams, Zeke can also be recognized as one of the big- ger fans for all of
the Newfound teams. In partic- ular, Zeke has been around the Newfound football field since
his grandfather, Bryan Richard- son, created the program. It is not uncommon for folks to stop by Newfound Football games on Saturday afternoons and be- friend Zeke who can be found anywhere from the concession stand, in the press box, chatting with the fans or even standing on the sideline.
Zeke Richardson is again planning on playing for the New- found Unified Basketball team this winter. But, this season will be unlike any other that Zeke has participated in before. Sadly, this will be Zeke’s 5th and final
year playing for our Unified Bas- ketball team. He will be turning 21 in February and aging out of the Newfound School District. His team is scheduled to begin it’s season with a home opener against Belmont on January 11th. Zeke is expected to be one of the leading scorers for a team that has grown in popularity each year of its existence. Zeke Rich- ardson deserves a lot of gratitude for his impact in our Unified Sports programs and there is no doubt that anybody that wit- nesses a game this winter would agree.
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