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the best available safety prac- tices and procedures. I was also charged with accident investi- gations and accident reviews. In almost, if not all accidents, the level and detail of mission planning, was a good predictor of mission performance. Poor planning results in poor perfor- mance, nothing new there. Most accidents write themselves, there are mistakes made all along the way that in hindsight, are easy to see, and leave the audience baf- fled as to why it wasn’t immedi- ately apparent to the pilots in the planning and execution phases. Anywho, don’t be that “guy”, can’t swim, not wearing a life jacket, not proficient in the oper- ation of the watercraft, and have been drinking????? Who woulda thunk that you would get into a situation that you would need to be rescued?? Food for thought!!!!
  Off the Hook
 By mJc
Take advantage of the cooler temperatures and beat the sum- mer heat by fishing at night. Night fishing can, however, be more challenging for the unini- tiated. Some of the more no- table challenges are the loss of color vision, depth perception and situational awareness. Prac- tice and repetition will help you to overcome these though. You may be tempted to use artificial light sources, but I don’t recom- mend it, it actually can make the process more difficult. It helps to dark adapt prior to heading out on your venture. Some steps to take to increase your night vision include avoiding bright lights, closing one eye when you can’t avoid light, and if you must use artificial light, use a green or blue lens, avoid using red if possible. Green and blue fall easier on your eyes and affect your night vision much less than a red lens. There has been much research and practical application in the use of various types of light at night to increase night vision, blue/green has been found to be the most suitable.
Back to the fishing portion of my rambling... I choose to fish predominantly at night in the summer, and I plan my trips in- tentionally around the full moon
phase. I choose the full moon for a couple of reasons, better am- bient light, for both the hunter and the prey, and the fact that, in my experience, the fish tend to be more active. This past full moon proved to be very fruitful for my fishing partner and myself. We were throwing Spinnerbaits and Buzzbaits. I brought about ten fishing rods along for this outing, turns out I only needed two of them, as did my friend. We could have left everything else in the ga- rage. We fished primarily in and around the weeds and Lilly pads, never in water deeper than ten feet and were throwing as shal- low as possible, (if you’re catch- ing Oaks and Maples, you may be too shallow, Bee-Rye) These techniques paid off in spades for us. We started fishing about an hour prior to sunset and fished for about three hours after that, most of the action took place at dusk and shortly thereafter. We had the good fortune of being the only fishermen on the lake that night, it was mid-week, I was kinda shocked that more fisher- men weren’t taking advantage of the conditions. The winds were light, the air temp was rea- sonable, and the humidity was slight, conditions were right for a good night of fishing. The steady light wind kept the mosquitoes at bay as well as my winged war-
rior friends, the squadron of bats that flew low cover for us as we pursued our quarry. As always, the best of luck on your nest out- ing, and take a friend with you, almost always more fun to fish with a buddy, than by yourself, ... emphasis on “almost”, I said.
PS: A side note: If you don’t know how to swim, or if you have been drinking, and you aren’t
proficient in a kayak, and you are not wearing a life preserver, or any combination of the afore- mentioned... consider a better course of action prior to heading out on any body of water. In my former life, I was involved in Aviation Safety, and as an Avia- tion Safety Officer, some of my duties included the responsibility for planning, and implementing
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