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By BRittany amalfi
It’s officially spooky month, so that means I’m here to bring you a spooky read that will have you feeling all the chills that a creepy forest can bring! To- gether We Rot by Skyla Arndt is a vividly written paranormal thriller that will motivate some- one to google the “Mothman.” The dark atmosphere of the story makes it a perfect read for those dreary fall days that are finally upon us.
Feisty teenager Wil Greene will stop at nothing to figure
Book of the Month:
Together We Rot by Skyla Arndt
October 2023
 out what happened to her mother. She knows that the notoriously religious Clarke family has something to do with her disappearance and is determined to find answers. However, with no one on her side, not even the town’s sheriff’s depart- ment, Wil is on her own. Bring in Elwood Clarke, the son of the infamous Clarkes and Wil’s for- mer best friend. After her mother disappeared, El- wood thought Wil’s claims about his family’s involve- ment were crazy, so cue the end of that friendship.
However, Elwood Clarke
has always been a soft-spo- ken bug boy who just wants
to take care of his butterflies. But Elwood has been off the radar because his parents are sending him away instead of college to follow in his father’s footsteps as head of the church,
and Elwood, being conformant to everything his parents say, doesn’t argue. But on one fate- ful night, Elwood learns that his parent’s intentions with him are far more sinister. They never
planned on sending him away. They planned on making him their sacrifice. So now, on the run from his own family, Elwood must team up with Wil, the girl who hates him more than anything, to save his own life.
I’ll be honest: I can be a slow reader, but I fin- ished this book in one day. It was that good! Together We Rot is filled with cap- tivating characters, vivid descriptions, and a creepy cult storyline that will have readers dread going into the infamous Morguewood. I loved how polar opposites Wil and Elwood were. Wil is this intense, aggressive,
strong-willed explosion, while Elwood is a soft boy with a sweet smile and pure innocence seeping through his veins.
And not for nothing, but aside from Wil and Elwood,
there was an entire cast of ex- citing yet relatable characters that added so much substance to the story. I love a good rag- tag group of friends that come together to solve a mystery and save one of their own. There was also that scary component that most adults in this story were against the main charac- ters, which was terrifying in this instance. Elwood had to deal with his own parents trying to kill him, and Wil had to go up against the town’s sheriff, who wanted nothing to do with the investigation of her mother’s disappearance. Talk about teen- agers for the win.
Overall, Together We Rot by Skyla Arndt is a beautifully written, creepy, dark story about grief, loss, betrayal, bravery, and love, and it’s the kind of book that will have you feeling every emotion you can muster. Make sure to pick it up!
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