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 Mid-State Health Pediatrician welcomed on board
By Donna RhoDes
PLYMOUTH – At the be- ginning of September, Mid-State Health in Plymouth was pleased to welcome Dr. Nettie Colella to their newly re-opened Pediatric and Adolescent Youth depart- ment, serving children of all ages throughout Plymouth and the neighboring communities.
Mid-State CEO Dr. Robert MacLeod said, “We wouldn’t have started this without recruit- ing a well-qualified, well-trained pediatric physician like Dr. Colella.”
Dr. Colella graduated from the University of Vermont in 1996 as a Doctor of Medicine before completing her residency in pediatrics at Boston Children’s Hospital.
She said she knew from a young age that she wanted to be a doctor and began her jour- ney into the medical world as a pre-med student with a minor in speech and language pathology.
“The one thing I thought I would never be was a pediatri- cian, though, because I loved children so much,” she com- mented. She didn’t want to think of them as needing medical care.
After doing rotations through- out her internship, though, one that included time working in OB-GYN, she discovered her true calling when a woman gave birth and felt herself drawn to caring for the newborn baby.
“I just kept going back to pedi- atrics after that. No kid deserves any of the illnesses they might go through, and I realized I really wanted to help,” Colella said.
Over the years, the connec- tions she’s made with children and their families, the trust they’ve put in her to help them through illnesses and other medical emergencies, is what is most gratifying to her. Colella said that to this day, she is still in touch with some of her earliest patients, many of whom now have children of their own; her “Grand-Pedi’s” as she lovingly calls them.
Her path to Mid-State Health began with 17 years of practice at South Shore Medical Center in Massachusetts, where she spent a period of time as Chief of Pedi- atrics. From there, Colella moved
to Wisconsin, where she worked as a pediatrician for four years. Upon her return to New En- gland, she most recently worked another four years at Families First in Portsmouth, N.H.
“Now I’m home!” she said with a big smile at Mid-State Health.
By home, Colella means that, while she was born in Norwell, Mass., she grew up spending time at her family’s second home in Waterville Valley ever since she was three years old. When she was grown, and her own children were born, her love for the valley and the memories she made in New Hampshire prompted her tobuyahomeof herowninWa- terville.
That move also prompted her to seek a position in pediat- rics somewhere nearby, and she was excited to find an opening in Plymouth.
“I was drawn to working at Mid-State due to their commit- ment to provide quality health- care that is affordable to all,” said Colella. “I think my addition to the team will increase accessibil- ity to pediatric and adolescent care within the family practice model and greatly benefit the community’s healthcare needs.”
Dr. MacLeod agrees. “Hav- ing pediatric and adolescent care here compliments an already outstanding program all under one roof. It helps us provide a de- livery of healthcare needs to all, from beginning of life to end,” he said.
In addition to pediatric, ad- olescent, and family healthcare, Mid-State in Plymouth also of- fers a number of other services.
Dr. Nettie Colella is Mid-State Health’s newest physician, providing quality care for babies, children, and adolescents at their offices on Boulder Point Road in Plymouth. Photo Courtesy
they should be placed in their crib to fall into the final phase of sleep on their own. If not, they may insist an adult to get up and put them back to sleep when they wake up again later in the night.
For adolescents, Colella says turning off electronics at bedtime is important as well since the blue light that televisions, computers, and phones can emit might pre- vent them from a good night’s rest.
As for seeking information on health and behavioral care in a world filled with misinformation, Dr. Colella says that the best way to resolve issues and find the an- swers parents need is not through social media.
“Go to trusted sources,” she advises. “If you’re concerned about something, go to someone you trust- a doctor, a teacher, whomever. Take notes and ask questions at wellness visits with me, or if the problem is too big and you’re next visit isn’t soon enough, call us. We’re here to help.”
Dr. Colella and Mid-State Health’s Pediatric and Family Providers are currently accept- ing new patients at their loca- tion at 101 Boulder Point Rd. in Plymouth. People can contact them online at midstatehealth. org or by calling 603-536-4000 for inquiries about enrollment with their physicians and other services they provide.
 Among them are Behavioral Health, dental care, an Imaging Center, as well as Physical and Occupational Services. They also provide support services such as pharmacy and prescription co- ordination, translation assistance, food security resources, and transportation. These services are all provided, regardless of the ability to pay, for those patients who are eligible.
Dedicated to her young pa- tients, along with their parents and caregivers, Colella offered up a little free advice, a sample of the kind of loving care she provides through her practice.
When it comes to sleep, she
advocates for routines that will help a child (as well as their par- ents) get the rest they need.
“You can’t underestimate the power of sleep,” she said.
Her recommendations are to focus on putting a young child to bed at the same time each night, and then wake them up at the same time each morning. While an adult may want to cuddle with them at bedtime, she also advises that once a baby gets drowsy,
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