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October 2023
 Cub Scout Pack 56 Participates
  Halloween Safety Tips
By BRittany amalfi
It’s officially October! This means it’s officially spooky month! I’m sure all of us are getting ready to take part in some exciting Halloween-themed adventures, and with October 31st creeping up, it’s time to start planning!
However, with popular, fun-filled events, there comes an awareness that brings on some safety precautions that everyone should keep in mind when it comes to these happenings. In order to keep Halloween a fun and exciting event for all, let’s make sure to follow these safety tips and tricks!
• Plantheday/night!It’sgoodtohaveatimelineofeverything you’ll be doing on Halloween so you can stick to a routine
• Anadultshouldalwaysaccompanychildrenastheygotrick- or-treating or whatever else they might have planned
• Forolderchildren,planasafeandacceptableroute
• Talkabouttheimportanceofnevertalkingtostrangerson Hall-oween night or ever.
• Tellchildrennottoopenandconsumeanytreatsuntilthey get home and you have taken a good look at them
• Instructchildrentotravelinwell-lit,populatedareasandto avoid unfamiliar/dark areas
• Agreeonaspecifictimethatchildrenshouldreturnhome, and stick to it
• Beawareofyoursurroundingsalways
• Ifyouaredrivingacar,truck,motorcycle,orridingabike,be on the lookout for children in or by the streets
• Enterandexitdrivewayscarefully
• Wearreflectiveclothingsoyouandyourchildrenaremorevisi- ble to motorists
• Alwayshaveacellphoneonyouincaseofemergency
• Wearcomfyshoesforallthatwalkingyou’reabouttodo!
• MakeanIDcardforyourchildrenincasesomeoneacciden- tally gets separated
• Stayhydrated!Keepsomewaterbottlesonyou
• Keepyourownhomesafe!Removeanythingthatachildor adult might trip or fall over, and if you are okay with trick-or- treaters, make sure to keep a light on
• Whenchoosingacostumeforchildren,makesurethemate- rial of the costume it flame-resistant and that the clothing fits properly so they don’t trip or fall
• Alwayskeepaflashlightonyou
• Stayonthesidewalks
Make sure to follow these tips to have a safe and fun Hallow-
een! Now is the time for spooky ghost stories, fun costumes, and lots of candy! It shouldn’t be ruined by not following safety pre- cautions! We all want to have an enjoyable Halloween, and I’m sure the children and adults of Newfound are going to have some epic costumes and will be prepared for an exciting time! Happy Halloween, everyone!
PLYMOUTH – Cub Scout Pack 56 participated in the Plym- outh Town Wide Yard Sale on Saturday, September 9, 2023.
Scouts volunteered by donat- ing and selling items and selling refreshments to fundraise for Scouting events during the 2023- 2024 year. Programs include overnight trips to Camp Carpen- ter, summer camp, community service, and more. RJ Crowley, operated by Dragonfly Moving and Storage, provided a truck to store donated items.
Cub Scouts is a year-round program and serves Plymouth and surrounding communities. Email pack56plymouth@gmail. com for more details.
Fully Insured
Residential, Commercial, Generators, Service Calls
September 3 - October 30
Everyday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Everyday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
   Apples, donuts, pies, apple butter, and other products available at both locations.
231 LAKE ST, BRISTOL September-December Wednesday-Saturday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

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