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Making a Difference with Girl Scout Troop 12332
By lauRa BRusseau
PLYMOUTH - The pop- ular program of Girl Scouting began in 1912 with eighteen girls. Today it has shaped mil- lions of girls’ lives in ninety-two countries. The Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains serve girls in Vermont and New Hampshire. Currently, they have over 10,000 girls involved with over 3,000 volunteers!
Statistically speaking, 86% of girl scouts register to vote and vote regularly; many Girl Scouts become leaders in their commu- nities and businesses, and in the 117th Congress, 56% of female lawmakers were Girl Scouts!
The mission of Girl Scouts is to build girls’ courage, confi- dence, and character to make the world a better place, and the girls of troop 12332 in Plymouth are doing just that!
These girls learned resiliency during the Covid Pandemic and are one of the only troops in the area to still have met in person, even if it were outside! The group is also unique as it is a combined Brownie and Junior group, mak- ing up of ten girls ages 7-11.
Dues to join Girl Scouting are $25 a year paid to the council, then $2 a year paid to the troop. The girls will go on numerous field trips throughout the year, but they try to fundraise for those excursions through bake sales, craft fairs, and other commu-
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Most people know Girl Scouts for the cookies! But it’s so much more than that! It teaches girls to be entrepreneurs with goal setting, decision-making, man- agement skills, people skills, and even cyber business skills!
Girl Scout cookies are now being sold! If you know a girl scout directly, you can order from them in person or through their personalized web page. You can also search Girl Scout Cookie Finder and type in your zip code, which will direct you to the closest Cookie Booth! Many will be taking place in February. Sales close March 19th! Cookie sales are split up from overhead costs to council fees, but each girl scout gets roughly .25 cents per box sold to help young women pay for camp or other girl scout adventures.
If cookies aren’t your thing, you can still support a Girl Scout AND the community with every box! They have a donate but- ton, and the cookies you buy go to local heroes such as nurses, teachers, and deployed military!
This group of ten is strong and mighty and is already giving back to the community! They are learning the skills to be world changers!
If you would like to volunteer with Girl Scouts, start a troop, or join a troop, reach out to Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains at 1-888-474-9686. An adventure awaits!
If you would like to make a donation to the Girl Scouts, do- nations can be sent to Girl Scouts of the Green and White Moun- tains at 1 Commerce Drive, Bed- ford, NH 03110.
2 Central Street, Bristol, NH 03222 (603) 744-6172 |
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nity outreach. A recent hands-on learning experience was a CSI weekend away in Portsmouth, where the girls learned coding and detective skills. And a day with an instructor from Squam Lake, learning about the water- shed, water conservation, and electrical conservation.
These girls aim to visit the Netherlands and Japan as a troop before they graduate! They are currently taking trips to the li- brary and learning about these two countries and the Girl Scouts there!
The troop does a minimum of three “take action” projects a year. These girls love making cards for our Veterans, cleaning up local parks, and favorite-col-
lecting goods such as linens for the Franklin Animal Shelter! In addition, the girls participate in the Plymouth Veterans Day and Memorial Day Celebrations and participate in the annual Plym- outh Holiday Parade.
The Girls have numerous op- portunities to network with busi- ness owners and volunteers in the community as well as network with other troops and network at Girl Scout camp! There are four camps in the state for the girls to choose from each year!
Girl Scouts is an excellent av- enue for many to explore new interests and experiences they may not have had at school. Girl Scouts also teaches many life skills and, of course, camping and outdoor skills!
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