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By BRittany amalfi
February is here! And that means the ever-popular holiday of Valentine’s Day is upon us. For many, Valentine’s Day is a day to spend quality time with the people they love and cherish. Now, the idea of Valentine’s Day might look good on paper, but in reality, it can be very stressful. Plans for the love-filled holiday can be hard to figure out for some people, which might lead to a not-so-great day, and everyone just wants to be feeling the love on Valentine’s Day! So, in hopes that people won’t get stressed about Valentine’s plans, I’ve compiled a list of ideas of what to do in the Newfound Area! If you’re unsure what to plan for yourself and the one you love,
check out the article below.
Who doesn’t love a
good lunch or dinner
on Valentine’s Day?
Luckily, Newfound is
filled to the brim with
excellent restaurants
that people can go
to celebrate. Head
on over to the New-
found Lake Inn for
a romanic dinner or grab some wonderful, authentic Mexican food at Cielito Mexican Restau- rant. Very Excellent Chinese Restaurant has you covered if you’re looking for some delicious Chinese food or if you want just to stay in and order some take- out. The Bridgewater Inn Japa-
nese Steakhouse and Tavern will
make for a delicious dinner with its absolutely stacked menu. Fi- nally, if you’re looking for some- thing more casual but still have an extraordinary selection of food and beer, The Last Chair Brewery in Plymouth has every- thing you need.
For the more adventurous types, you’re in luck if you live
here in Newfound! Ev- eryone knows that New Hampshire is notorious for winter activities, and Newfound is teeming with them. Snowmobil- ing is an insanely popu- lar and fun activity here in Newfound.
How amazing does a day snowmobiling with your significant other
sound? You could make a whole day out of it! Snowmobiling through the snow-covered trees, stopping at one of the local stops along the way for a warm bev- erage, and basking in the winter glory. And, of course, there are plenty of places to go skiing and show showing in the beautiful
mountains of New Hampshire. From Cannon Mountain Ski Area, Ragged to Mount Sunapee Resort. Don’t forget snowshoeing at Little Sugarloaf is always a great way to spend a winter day!
For those who love a little en- tertainment, there’s always the possibility of a good show at The Flying Monkey in Plymouth!
Keep in mind all of these ac- tivities aren’t limited to couples! Whoever you’re sharing your Valentine’s Day with, all of these fun excursions are open to all. So, grab your friends, your family, your partner, and have a fun day (or night!) out. Valentine’s Day is all about love, no matter who you’re with, so let’s all enjoy it!
The Love of Newfound:
What To Do Around Newfound for Valentine’s Day
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