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 Book of the Month: Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover
By BRittany amalfi
Valentine’s Day is
coming up, so I have
decided to hit you all
with a review of one
of my all-time favorite
romance books! Maybe
Someday by Colleen
Hoover is an emo-
tional love story filled
with deep feelings that
will have you turning
every page at lightning
speed. I’m serious; if
you’re looking for a romance that will make you laugh and cry, this book should be next on your TBR.
After Sydney’s seemingly per- fect world blows up in a matter of a night, she finds herself at the doorstep of mysterious Ridge, a talented musician. Sydney was living inside her little bubble of being a hard worker, and hav- ing a perfect boyfriend and best friend, but it's all over once she finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her, it’s all over. But
Scott Borthwick
could it be for the better?
Since she has to move out of her apartment, a twist of fate allows Sydney to temporar- ily move in with Ridge, the man who plays his gui- tar on his bal-
cony every night and someone Sydney can’t help but be curious about. Things for sure start out rocky between the two, but once Sydney and Ridge let out some personal secrets to each other, the connection between them seems to have a nice melody. Once Ridge gets Sydney back into songwriting, both the young adults seem to find ways to move on from their sad pasts.
But nothing is ever as perfect as it seems, with Ridge hiding some strong feelings about the
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people in his life. But hey, if there weren’t some sort of conflict, the story would be boring, right? And this story was anything but boring. I would say the perfect word to describe this one was “endearing.”
I truly loved this story from start to finish. Not only were Sydney and Ridge fleshed-out and dynamic characters, even the side characters had a way of stealing my heart. When all the characters have you laugh- ing, crying, and smiling, that is the sign of a great book. Every
scene was just packed with raw emotion, but Hoover didn’t de- viate from the humor that also had this book moving forward. Maybe Someday was a perfect balance of emotion throughout the whole story.
I can’t talk enough about the connection between Ridge and Sydney enough. The way they connected through music was authentic and mesmerizing. Through the words, lyrics, and melodies, I could really see how these two protagonists were con- necting on a more spiritual level.
The book was also written in a dual POV, so we could see how both Sydney and Ridge were feeling throughout the whole progression of the story. Being able to read it from both sides re- ally gives you a double lens into both characters, which makes the story so much more captivating, even if you want to slap a charac- ter for being so dense sometimes.
So this Valentine’s Day, pick up Maybe Someday because it will certainly not disappoint!
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