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 By Carolyn J. Phinney intuitive life CoaCh
A little word. Only 7 letters. It does not look enormously power- ful. Yet it CONTROLS people’s lives every single day.
Someday, I will take that work- shop.
Someday, I will start my own business.
Someday, I will tell him/her I love them.
Someday, I will have my sister de- sign that tattoo I want.
Someday, I will take a vacation.
Someday, I will take the kids to _____.
Someday, I will visit so and so or somewhere.
Someday, I will leave the job I hate.
Someday, I will be happy.
Someday, I will be living the life I desire.
Someday, I will focus on my health.
Someday. 7 little-bitty let- ters that form a tiny word that is given so much power in life that it stops people dead in their tracks. It controls their life and gives them the excuse as to why it never happens.
Someday I will not be saying someday.
Someday, I will take the power away from that word and make it Today.
Someday is an excuse. Some- day is fear. Someday is a belief that it cannot be Today. That's a lie. It can be. It needs to be.
Maybe you can’t leave for the dream vacation today. But you
can pick a date and start working towards it. ~ Someday just got kicked to the curb.
Maybe you cannot quit your job today and start your own business. But you can start today. You can register the name. You can write the business plan. You can do it part time and set a date for going full time. ~ Someday just got kicked to the curb.
Maybe you think you cannot be happy until you achieve some- thing you want. Did you know that the quickest way to manifest what you desire is to feel it? That means, you have the power to find and feel happiness Today. It’s meditating. It is feeling ap- preciation/gratefulness for what you have at the moment, even if it is just the opportunity and freedoms to make things better. Why wait to be happy someday
when you have the power to feel it Today?
~ Someday just got kicked to the curb.
It is your choice. It always has been. It always will be. You can keep on riding the “someday train” to absolutely nowhere or you can take your power back from that little, 7 letter word and start moving towards your dreams.
What would it feel like if you chose to take your power back from a word that blocks you from dreams and goals? What would it feel like if you took that power and placed it into some
other little words that are already charged with their own power? Words like; “Now” and “Today”.
“Now”, I will feel and appre- ciate my happiness. “Today”, I will do one thing to move me to- wards my goal.
“Someday” never comes. Never. Ever. It NEVER comes. It just sits there collecting the hopes and dreams of the meek. The only day that comes is “Today”.
Carolyn J. Phinney is an certified Intuitive Life Coach/Reiki Master/ Law of Attraction Master Coach/ Yoga Instructor and can be reached at
POWERFUL YOU: "Someday" Never Comes
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