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  Local Trails and Hiking Places around Newfound
As the snow begins to melt, the days get longer, and the air gets warmer; one can hear the call to get outside and explore echo in the mountains! Snow- shoes are swapped for sneakers and/or hiking boots and spring fever has one wanting to explore the trails. Lucky for us, New- found Lake and its wonderful towns are surrounded by trails for all kinds of explorers! From bogs to mountain tops to rivers and to rocks the trails in our community can bring pleasure to anybody. To celebrate spring and earth’s rebirth, we have accumulated a list of trails and how to get there in order to help get you out and one with nature. We’re sure there are more than just these... If you have a favorite trail that we haven’t listed, please let us know. Also, while you’re out enjoying Take a picture of your adven- tures and send them into lake- We’d love to see how you enjoy all that this area has to offer!
Grey Rocks Conservation Area
Address for GPS:
178 N. Shore Rd Hebron
Once parked, follow signs to the Cockermouth River Loop. A nice, short walk brings you to the river platform across from the Charles Bean Sanctuary. Another trail from the parking lot is the Floodplain Loop with another viewing platform. Con- tinue onto the Sandy Point trail which offers a great picnic area and views up to the Bald Knob and Crosby Mountain.
Goose Pond & Sugarloaf Conversation Area (Wellington State Park - 601 W. Shore Rd Bristol
There are a few trail this area has to offer! You may choose to park at Wellington State Park (fee for parking during certain times) or the Elwell Trailhead across the street. Wellington offers a great loop alone the shore of New- found Lake! The Elwall trail take you to the expansive views of the lake and the secluded Goose Pond area.
Newfound Audubon Center - Hebron Marsh (right before the village)
North Shore Road, Hebron
Easy mowed trails that takes you through the part of the 34 acre santuary down to the Cock- ermouth River. If you are look- ing for wildflowers, wild life, and evidence of ambitious beavers, these are some trails to enjoy!
Field Across North Shore Road
Mowed trail, 1.1 miles, approxi- mately 1/2 hour
Field Adjoining Ash Cottage Lawn
Mowed trail, .4 miles, approx- imately 15 minutes
Trail to Hebron Marsh
Follow the mowed path to the beginning of the trail to the marsh. This short trail descends through an oak forest to the edge of the marsh. Many species of ferns can be found here.
Newfound Audubon Center - Paradise Point Wildlife Nature Center and Trail
290 N. Shore Rd., Hebron
A step descent into the park- ing lot will take you into the heart of the Sanctuary. Follow the trails that lead you along the north shore of the lake with beautiful views to the south and Loon Island.
AMC Cardigan Lodge
774 Shem Valley Road Alexandria
As part of the AMC (Appala- chian Mountain Club) trail net- work, Cardigan Mountain is a gem! It is known for its exposed summit with 360 degree views and a fire tower. This is a must for avid hikers in the lakes region. Feeling adventurous? Stay the night at the summit cabin, base lodge or in a tent!
Slim Baker Conservation - Inspiration Point
New Chester Mountain Rd, Bristol
Expansive views and loaded with hiking trails! Located near downtown Bristol and includes an inspiring spot that looks out to Cardigan, Tenney Mountain and
AMC Caridgan
along the brook and up hillsides with several vistas.
Sculptured Rocks
215 Sculptured Rocks Rd, Hebron
Sculptured Rocks Natural Area, which spans 272 acres, is a unique example of nature’s powerful yet delicate artistry. The Cockermouth River carved a narrow canyon in bedrock on its way to Newfound Lake, begin- ning as the last ice age drew to a close. Nature used grains of sand suspended in the current to carve the walls of the canyon into curi- ous shapes and create potholes in the bedrock.
Profile Falls
Mountain Hill Road, Bristol This 30’ horsetail waterfall is a short walk from the road and it
has many miles of trails!
Rainbow Falls / Walter-Newton Natural Area
47 Cummings Hill Rd, Plymouth
Trailhead and parking area is on Cummings Hill Rd
The Rainbow Falls loop is a popular hike 3 miles from down- town Plymouth. Rainbow Falls is the main attraction in the Wal- ter-Newton Natural Area, a na- ture preserve in Plymouth. The waterfall is scenic, but highly seasonal and should be visited in the spring. Before you begin your hike, walk a short distance up the Newton Trail, which be- gins at the small parking area, and follow a short side path on the left out to a viewpoint over a marsh. To get to the Walter Trail to Rainbow Falls, return to the parking area and walk up the road to the kiosk on the right. This short trail is very flat and easy as it follows a marsh in the beginning. After swinging away from the marsh, it joins Glove Hollow Brook, source of Rainbow Falls. The trail climbs a little, passes two snowshoeing trails on the left, and arrives at the waterfall. Rainbow Falls is a small waterfall, composed of two short plunges over a small cliff. Benches are set up below of the waterfall.
  Hebron Marsh
 Inspiration Point
miles beyond! (insert trial map) Visit the Alexandria Hiking Guide at com/file/d/1-1gmJFKNYEz- rQ4KhUM24GHW9AzJe0Snj/
This guide shows the trails,
made by loggers like Dave Sharp and the late Eben Beever of Hebron, Bob Butman, Marcia Butman, Toby Sackton and Kim
Sharp of Alexandria. It is printed in the hope that family and friends, and Alexandria neigh- bors, will use and enjoy this land.
Hebron Town Forest
Off of Groton Rd, Heborn NH (look up Cockermouth Ledge Trailhead)
Hebron Town Forest is 458 acres and provides a short hike

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