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By Brittany amalfi
It’s been a while since I’ve re- viewed a fantasy book for Book of the Month. Maybe it’s because I’ve been nose-deep in captivat- ing contemporaries lately. Per- haps it’s because I needed a bit of a break from fantasy. After all, well, all those magic systems can be overwhelming to learn! How- ever, January is the start of a new year, and apparently, it’s also the start of my own fantasy renais- sance because I finished Fourth
Book of the Month: Fourth Wing By Rebecca Yarros
January 2024
 Wing, an adult fantasy written by Rebecca Yarros, and when it comes to magic, romance, and flame-wielding dragons, this book certainly delivered.
I had a spark of curiosity about the infamous dragon book that everyone was talking about on social media, so why not see what all the hype is about? And I’m certainly glad I did! Fourth Wing followed the story of Vio- let Sorrengail, and her journey to become a coveted Dragon Rider. Only when we meet Vi- olet do we learn she wants noth- ing to do with the brutal lifestyle and is being forced to join by her mother, who happens to be a highly respected general. Vio- let trained her whole life to be a Scribe, a master of knowledge, living her life among the quiet books in the Archives. A life that made her feel connected to her dad, who sadly passed away.
However, in Navarre, there was no arguing with General
Sorrengail, so Violet packed her things and crossed the parapet into Basgiath, a war institution that creates Dragon Riders. Basgiath also wasn’t a place where ev- eryone made it out alive, and with Violet already dealing with her disability, the odds of her survival weren’t good. But as the story went on, Vi- olet became determined not just to be another number and become a Rider, so she used her brains to ensure she would meet her goals.
Violet Sorrengail was the perfect heroine. She was in- telligent and witty, but more importantly, she was relat- able. Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot of disabil-
ity representation in Fiction. Still, the very real dealings of a chronic illness were prominent on the pages as we learned how determined Violet was to make it out alive. We got to see Violet
overcome hurdle after hurdle as she navigated every brutal chal- lenge in Basgiath.
The cast of characters in this story made this story whole. From her eclectic and strong
best friend Rhiannon to the funny and sarcastic Ridoc, Violet found her own family within the war-torn walls. And, of course, no fantasy is complete without a bit of romance. But what makes the romance so interesting is when the love interest wants to kill the main character, and even though Violet couldn’t fight her attrac- tion to Xaden Riorsen, his lethality could’ve been the end of her.
Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros was a dynamic book with a fantastic main char- acter. Reading about drag- ons and powers will never get old. And thank good- ness the sequel just released!
For those who are looking for a fun fantasy filled with dragons, war, romance, and found family, check out Fourth Wing! As for me, I’m on the way to the book- store to pick up Iron Flame.
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