Page 108 - Countrysmart Nr 2-2021
P. 108

 Known to rarely be seen wearing anything other than black and white, to this day, Coco Chanel is known for her luxurious style and this bedroom, with its black surfa- ces, clean lines and plush textu- res, certainly mirrors that style. The French designer spent most of her days in the apartment above the Paris Chanel store, but it was actually the Ritz where the desig- ner rested her head at night. As a nod to this, notice the high ceilings and intricate panelling on the walls that is a key trend today as well as being quintessential of 1920s French interior design.
Also, spot the flower-etched screen which has been placed in front of a door. This is a nod to Coco Chanel’s interior trick which involved using the screen to hide the exit in hope of making her most loved guests forget to leave.

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