Page 12 - ASPIRE AUGUST 2022 Vol 7 Issue 3
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                       HONG KONG
with vaccine pass, but
new medical supply
chain issues emerge
By Dr Jacqueline Chung Country Representative
COVID restrictions in Hong Kong have been relaxed since April, but the government has implemented a vaccine pass.
This means that since 1 June 2022 all citizens are required to have a third vaccination dose before entering public areas including shopping malls, restaurants, hospitals and government buildings. Medical exemptions apply for some people under the vaccine pass arrangement.
Services and facilities previously restricted by the government are gradually returning to normal, despite the fact that there are still thousands of confirmed cases every day.
The government is not expected to implement further COVID relaxation measures in the short term.
Meanwhile, services have resumed in local IVF units with limitations applied due to third vaccination requirement. However, we are faced with another challenge through the shortage of Cetrotide for GnRH antagonist stimulation protocols.
Jacqueline Chung
Technical problems at the main manufacturing site have caused reduced or delayed supply of Cetrotide locally and possibly worldwide.
In response, fertility specialists are seeking alternative stimulation protocols, for example Progestogen Primed Ovarian Simulation (PPOS) or returning to long protocols to overcome the supply problem.
        COVID restrictions ease

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