Page 25 - ASPIRE AUGUST 2022 Vol 7 Issue 3
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                                  ENDOMETRIUM & IMPLANTATION SIG
                                                             Rong Li (China)
How to manage uterine pathologies and fertility, and value of PGT for
improved IVF outcomes
By Drs Rong Li and Keiji Kuroda
The Endometrium and Implantation SIG continues to focus on uterine factors and improved embryo quality.
Two sessions of the ASPIRE-CPAM Masterclass Webinar Series have been held this year addressing fundamental concepts in assisted reproductive technology and bridging the gaps.
They were organised and presided over by Chairman Li Rong.
In March, we explored how to manage uterine pathologies and fertility. Professor Budi Wiweko from the Indonesian Medical Education and Research Institute Faculty of Medicine shared the treatment options for patients with adenomyosis and infertility, then Professor Ma Caihong from Peking University Third Hospital outlined standardised treatment of uterine myoma and infertility.
Keiji Kuroda (Japan)
In May, we discussed the value of PGT for improving IVF outcomes. Professor Yan Junhao from the Reproductive Medical Centre of Shandong University, China and Doctor Keshav Malhotra from Rainbow IVF Centre Agra, India shared the optimisation methodology and explanation of PGT. These subjects generated lively discussion.
Online students from many countries in the Asia- Pacific region participated in the webinars with very positive feedback. Future topics will include the cost- effectiveness of IVF treatment.
 Future webinar topics will include the cost effectiveness of IVF treatment

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