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                                         ASPIRE 2022 Congress Award Recipients
                                                        Divya Mathews
Dr Divya Mathews, Liggins Institute, University of Auckland, New Zealand (Iodine Excess and Thyroid Safety to the Woman Following an Oil-Soluble Contrast Hysterosalpingogram and the impact on Thyroid Function of the Offspring at Birth)
Mr Nguyen Tuong Ho, Taipei Medical University, Taiwan (Ageing Increases Risk of Displaced Endometrial Implantation Window: A Cross- Sectional Pilot Study Using Endometrial Receptivity Analysis Test)
Dr Jiayi Guo, Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, China (Endometrial Polyp is associated with a higher prevalence of Chronic Endometritis in Infertile Women)
Elena Zakharova
Julia Gontar
Dr Elena Zakharova, Centre for Reproductive Medicine MAMA, Russia (Compact Morula Stage Biopsy for PGT and its Outcomes)
Dr Julia Gontar, Medical Centre IGR Ltd, Ukraine (The 1st Polar Body Transfer Technique: It Is Real Chance to Double Oocytes and Embryos)
Mrs Mai Linh Ha, Tam Anh Hospital, Vietnam (The Prevalence of Mosaic Blastocyst and Affecting Factors)
Dr Aryan Kashyap, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, India (Comparison of Effect of Two Different Trigger Regimens-Single (HCG) Versus Dual (HCG + Leuprolide) on the Outcome of Fresh IVF Cycles: A Randomized Controlled Trial)
Nguyen Tuong Ho
Jiayi Guo
Mai Linh Ha
Best Oral Presentation Awardees
Dr Andrea Francesca Santos, Manila Med Medical Centre Manila, Philippines (Assessment of Ovarian Reserve Among Reproductive Age Women After Salpingectomy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis)
Andrea Francesca Santos
Aryan Kashyap

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