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                                                         Regional participation
in webinar addressing
local perspectives in
infertility management
By Professor Maruf Siddiqui and Dr Nusrat
Mahmud Country Representatives
The Fertility and Sterility Society of Bangladesh (FSSB) organised a webinar entitled Management of Infertility: Country Perspective on 26 June 2022 to mark World Infertility Awareness Month.
Two eminent ASPIRE members joined the webinar as keynote speakers. ASPIRE President, Professor T. C. Li, presented on management of infertility from a Hong Kong perspective and Past President, Professor Budi Wiweko, addressed the management of infertile women with very low AMH (<1 ng/ml) from an Indonesian backdrop.
Four renowned ART specialists from Bangladesh joined the webinar as panelists and presented their opinions on the management of infertility from a local perspective. They were:
• Professor Firoza Begum, FSSB Scientific Secretary;
• Professor Rashida Begum, FSSB Organising Secretary and Treasurer of ASPIRE;
• Dr Mrinal Kumar Sarker from Evercare Hospital; and
• Professor Maruf Siddiqui, FSSB Joint Secretary and ASPIRE Bangladesh country representative.
FSSB President, Professor T. A. Chowdhury, chaired the webinar and welcomed other special guests including
Professor Muralidhar V. Pai, Dean of the Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences, and Professor Gulshan Ara, Secretary General of the Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Bangladesh.
More than 200 delegates participated in the webinar including fertility specialists from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Bangladesh.
The interactive Q&A session was facilitated in the zoom platform as part of a very successful webinar presentation.
    Maruf Siddiqui
Nusrat Mahmud
Webinar delegates represented from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Hong Kong

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