Page 22 - Aspire Newsletter APRIL 2022 Vol 7 / Issue 2
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                               REPRODUCTIVE SURGERY SIG
                   (includes Minimal Invasive Surgery) Programs/Related Meetings
Herbert Situmorang Huang Xiaowu Maria Antonia Habana
An essential dimension in helping our patients achieve conception and healthy pregnancies
By Professors Maria Atonia Habana and Huang Xiao-Wu and Dr Herbert Situmorang
The Reproductive Surgery SIG is pleased to invite all of you to our ASPIRE 2022 Pre-Congress Course entitled Value of Reproductive Surgery: State of the Art to be held on 28 April.
Although the results of assisted reproductive technology, including IVF, have improved significantly in recent decades, reproductive surgery remains an important component in the treatment of infertility.
Indeed, with proper indication and timing, reproductive surgery can be an essential dimension in helping our patients to achieve healthy pregnancies.
In order to avoid unnecessary intervention, a reproductive surgeon with sufficient clinical knowledge and necessary surgical skills is compulsory. Therefore, through our courses
we explore topics ranging from uterine, tubal and ovarian factors as well as adhesion prevention in gynaecology surgery.
We may be separated by distance, but the exchange of knowledge knows no boundaries. We look forward to sharing our experience and expertise in the 2022 Pre-Congress Course and the opportunity to learn from each of our colleagues who participate.

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