Page 20 - Aspire Newsletter APRIL 2022 Vol 7 / Issue 2
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                             REPRODUCTIVE ENDOCRINOLOGY SIG (includes PCOS)
                                                                      Lan N Vuong
Guiding clinicians on optimal management of patients undergoing
ovarian stimulation
By Drs Madhuri Patil and Lan N Vuong
We hope that many of you have become members of the Reproductive Endocrinology and PCOS SIG and look forward to your active participation in our scientific endeavours.
Our ASPIRE 2022 Pre-Congress Course on 28 April will address the topic Individualising Ovulation Induction for Optimal Outcome.
Ovarian stimulation remains an essential part of assisted reproductive technology. The course will guide clinicians on how to optimally manage patients undergoing ovarian stimulation for IVF through the various stages of treatment.
It will help delegates to integrate latest evidence- based knowledge into clinical practice. The course will address problems such as:
• how to choose the optimal protocol;
• how to tailor stimulation dose in poor and hyper responders;
Madhuri Patil
• when and how to trigger final oocyte maturation; and
• how to individualise luteal phase support in both fresh and frozen embryo transfer cycles.
In addition, it will provide insights into various pre- treatment strategies in poor and hyper responders. We will also feature a compelling debate on strategies of frozen embryo transfer cycles and whether or not it should be done for all.
Participants can learn about newer protocols to prevent LH surge in ART that can reduce the cost of treatment, especially in oocyte donation cycles, for fertility preservation and for patients who are going for freeze all with transfer in subsequent cycles.
We will also learn about factors of thyroid evaluation in women going for ART and the importance of thyroxine supplementation.
Speakers will critically review existing literature and explore emerging concepts to share their knowledge with ART practitioners and clinical scientists.

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