Page 19 - Aspire Newsletter APRIL 2022 Vol 7 / Issue 2
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                               EMBRYOLOGY SIG (includes PGT & IVM)
                                                           Addressing trends in embryology laboratories along with current evidence and practices
By Professors Chi Ling and Arthur Chang and Dr Keshav Malhotra
The Embryology SIG is committed to exploring new avenues and perspectives in our field and inspiring new thoughts and laboratory approaches for our members.
This is achieved in part through active participation in our SIG courses and workshops and involvement in the ASPIRE Congress programs.
The 2022 Pre-Congress Course on 28 April has been structured on the premise that:
• your input determines your outlook;
• your outlook determines your output; and
• your output determines your future.
The theme of the course is the IVF Laboratory – Input for Updating. We will discuss important trends in the clinical embryology laboratory and also current evidence and practices.
Topics to be examined in the course include:
• add-ons in the IVF laboratory;
• mosaic embryos;
• best options to fertilise oocytes;
• artificial oocyte activation;
• embryo selection; and
• common practices among high performing IVF units.
Meanwhile, there were 128 respondents to a recent Embryology SIG questionnaire designed to provide demographic information and identify key career needs and aspirations among members.
Based on results of the survey, we understand that more than 40 per cent of respondents are seeking certification and this has propelled the Embryology SIG to work on this issue.
The survey also identified relevant topics that members feel are important and they will be included in our future course and workshop programs. More insights from the survey will be released soon.
Chi Ling
Arthur Chang
Keshav Malhotra
      Upcoming Activities
The SIG is planning webinars on reading and understanding new research and scientific data and deliberating on emerging artificial intelligence and time lapse technologies.
Our aim is to use information technology to its fullest and we are in process of exploring how to use social media to help bridge knowledge gaps and strengthen collegiality among members.
Some key links to social media platforms include:
1. Facebook: Embryology-SIG-108824414774558 Admin: Professor Arthur Chang
2. LinkedIn: company/74060259/admin/
Admin: Professor Arthur Chang
3. Twitter: Admin: Dr Keshav Malhotra
4. Instagram: @aspire.embryology.sig Admin: Dr Keshav Malhotra
5. WhatsApp and WeChat: To join, please email your phone number + country code to
Admin: Professor Ling Chi
6. SIG Forum: log in ASPIRE member portal to access the Forum
Certification course success
The Embryology SIG is pleased to announce the successful completion of the first Certification Course on the WHO Laboratory Manual for Examination and Processing of Human Semen, 6th Edition run jointly with the Male infertility SIG. This generated a fantastic response that provides us with added confidence in planning our subsequent masterclasses and certification programs.

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