Page 18 - Aspire Newsletter APRIL 2022 Vol 7 / Issue 2
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                             ENDOMETRIUM & IMPLANTATION SIG
                                                                      Rong Li
Providing unique biological insights on endometrial receptivity
and clinical treatment
By Drs Rong Li and Keiji Kuroda
Pre-Congress Course: Endometrial Receptivity and Placentation – Biological Basis and Clinical Treatments
Implantation is a complex network of events that occur synchronously in the embryo and endometrium culminating in the envelopment of the blastocyst within a decidualised endometrial stroma.
Synchrony and cooperation between the embryo and endometrium appear critical to a successful pregnancy.
By the time the embryo arrives under optimal conditions, the endometrium has developed into a receptive surface with the appropriate glandular secretions, adherent moieties and vascular changes needed to support pregnancy.
Implantation failure due to endometrial factors is still a challenge faced by physicians and
Keiji Kuroda
embryologists. At present, the evaluation of endometrial receptivity is being studied further regarding transcriptomics, the microbiome and secretomics.
We also try to improve endometrial receptivity using surgery, drugs, and various other modalities such as fat perfusion.
The 2022 Pre-Congress Course on Thursday, 28 April (14:30 – 18:30) will share with registrants the latest content and unique insights regarding endometrial receptivity and placentation in terms of biological basis and clinical treatment.
The program will cover:
• The Biology of Endometrial Receptivity;
• Endometrial Microbiotas and the Effects of Probiotics on Dysbiosis;
• Immunology and Implantation;
• Hysteroscopic Surgery to Improve Intrauterine Environment;
• PRP and Recurrent Implantation Failure; and
• What is the Evidence for Intralipid Infusion in Managing Implantation
There will also be combined Q&A discussion. We look forward to your participation!

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