Page 16 - Aspire Newsletter APRIL 2022 Vol 7 / Issue 2
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                             FERTILITY & REPRODUCTION (F&R) The Official Journal of ASPIRE
                                                                               Calling for submissions and publishing process for articles presented to the F&R journal
By Professor Gab Kovacs AM Editor-in-Chief
Dear Members of ASPIRE, as we progress into 2022 with some prospects of returning to post- COVID normality, our lives are again being thrown into turmoil by the events in Europe.
We feel for our colleagues and the population in Ukraine and hope that a peaceful settlement can be negotiated soon.
Meanwhile, we try to carry on with our lives; we treat patients; we carry out research; we submit our findings; and Fertility & Reproduction continues to publish articles every quarter. However, to continue publishing we need submissions from YOU the readers.
After being submitted, each paper is allocated to an Associate Editor (AE), who then recruits referees to assess the work. These referees make recommendations upon which the AE makes a decision – accept, minor revision, major revision or reject.
Once a paper is accepted, it goes into production, but before publishing it is copy edited by the Editor-in-Chief.
Gab Kovacs
Our next target is to be listed on PubMed, and an assessment of our application will take place later this year.
Hopefully we will be successful. We can then be a truly competitive publication and the market leader in reproductive medicine for the Asia Pacific region.
To achieve this requires a team effort including the authors, referees, associate editors, the secretariat, and World Scientific.
We pride ourselves that Fertility & Reproduction is free to read without the need for a subscription and is readily available to all. Therefore, by submitting a paper to F&R, it is widely available
to all.
Fertility & Reproduction is accepting manuscripts for future issues. If you are interested in submitting a manuscript visit http://aspire-

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