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Germ Prevention Posters

                                                                                             PREVENT THE SPREAD OF GERMS
                                                                                              1  Avoid close contact with people
                                                                                                who are sick.
                                                                                              2  Avoid touching your eyes, nose,
                                                                                                and mouth.
                                                                                              3  Stay home when you are sick.
                                                                                              4  Cover your cough or sneeze with
                                                                                                a tissue, then throw the tissue
                                                                                                in the trash.
                                                                                              5  Clean and disinfect frequently
                                                                                                touched objects and surfaces
                                                                                                using a regular household
                                                                                                cleaning spray or wipe.
                                                                                              6  Follow CDC’s recommendations
                                                                                                for using a facemask.
                                                                                              7  Wash your hands oen with soap and
                                                                                                water for at least 20 seconds.
                                                                                              8  If soap and water are not available,
                                                                       STOP THE SPREAD OF GERMS  use an alcohol-based sanitizer solution
                                                                     Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
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