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                 Night Splints
    1 WAFFLE® FootHold® Splint with Anti-Rotation Bar (AFO)
Adjustable Hydro-Cushion lifts the heel and protects the calf. Designed with a plush, seamless interior to reduce shear and wick moisture away from the skin. A cut-out area enables
an access to the heel. Easy to put on and remove. Used for positioning and proper alignment of the ankle, knee and hip to prevent and treat foot drop, ankle contractures and heel ulcers. Optional Ambulation Sole available at right.
Small Medium Large X-Large
Maximum Foot Length
23cm 25cm 28cm 30.5cm
 2 ComfyTM Boot
The ComfyTM Boot Orthosis is excellent for treatment of plantar flexion, foot drop and wound care. It is often used for bedridden patients to prevent heal pressure sores. The heel is elevated
by the contours of the boot and it is protected and cushioned by the fleece lined cover to prevent any pressure on the heel. Additionally, an anti-rotation bar hidden under the fleece cover can be used to control hip and leg rotation.
• Soft fleece lined cover wicks away moisture from the skin to maintain skin integrity
• Allows heel to float thus eliminating pressure or friction on the heel and enhances blood circulation that is vital to healing
• The splint frame resists plantar flexion while providing a dynamic push to extension for the correction of foot drop, foot ankle contractures and deformity
• The adjustable toe post relieves pressure on the toes and adjusts to accommodate variation in foot sizes
• Rotator Bar can be positioned to the side to control hip and leg rotation
• An extender kit is available for patients with increased calf and foot circumference or oedema
3 Pro Heel Protection Boot
A simple and cost effective way to manage heel pressure ulcers. Features:
• Generous low friction cushioning for effective protection
• Heel aperture for off-loading and skin inspection
• Secure strapping options for optimal positioning and avoidance
of drop foot
• Universal sizing for easy application
• To reduce pressure, friction and shear force on the heels • To separate and protect the ankles
• Maintain heel suspension
• Prevent foot drop and malposition
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