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Adjustable boards are excellent for people who wish to progress their balance skills. These versatile boards allow you to progressively increase the difficulty of the exercise by simply adjusting or changing the base, making them suitable for all types of rehabilitation
and strength training. In addition, adjustable wobble boards are easy to store and ideal for both clinic and home use.
1 TheraBandTM Stability Disc
The TheraBandTM Stability Disc is more challenging than the TheraBandTM Stability Trainers. The 33 cm (13˝) diameter Disc offers an unstable, sensory-stimulating surface designed to facilitate balance and proprioceptive training, as well as automatic postural reactions. The Stability Disc is also ideal for active sitting. Available in silver only.
2 TheraBandTM Dynamic Ball Cushions
  7500023 Green 7500070 Green
7500028 Blue
7500029 Blue
7500030 Black
33cm without senso-knobs
33cm with senso-knobs on one side 36cm without senso-knobs
36cm with senso-knobs on one side 50cm with senso-knobs on one side
      3 TheraBandTM Rocker Board
The TheraBandTM Rocker Board offers an unstable and sensory-stimulating surface designed to facilitate balance and proprioceptive training and automatic postural reactions. TheraBandTM Rocker Board: single plane rocker that allows one plane of instability at a time. Angle of Deflection is 30˚. 091338128 TheraBandTM Rocker Board
4 Fitness Mad Adjustable Wobble Board
This 40cm adjustable wobble board offers angles between 19˚ and 23˚ by simply screwing the rocker in or out, allowing you to progressively improve your balance. The more you screw the rocker out the greater the angle and the greater the difficulty. 091329259
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