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                                                                                                                        AIREX® Exercise Mats
      A new measure of function and comfort
AIREX® products are premium quality with a long product life. Thanks to their versatility, they form an excellent base for all types of exercises.
Everyone recognises the AIREX® mats with the typical horizontal stripes – the original for 50 years and the clear number one amongst all therapeutic, sports and leisure mats. The innovative closed-cell foam of the AIREX® mats was developed over many years of work. The extremely hard-wearing material is on the one hand supportive and on the other hand warm, soft and absorbing. Joints, tendons and muscles can thereby be trained gently and efficiently.
Properties: Comfortable
Soft, smooth, excellent insulation.
Resilient and supportive, protection against injuries.
Increased durability
Wear-resistant material for years of top form.
New formula for effective hygienic protection
Easy to clean.
Closed-cell foam material preventing water and dirt penetration.
Versatile, for indoor, outdoor and water use.
Surface structure and special foam technology prevent slipping.
Flat-lying mats prevent tripping.
High-quality materials, strict quality control.
Characteristics of AIREX® products:
• Warm and comfortable
• Absorbing
• Long life span
• Hygienic through antimicrobial finishing
• Water repellent through closed-cell structure • Multifunctional
• Slip-proof
• Flat placement on the floor
• Conforms to CE (CE 93/42/EWG)
Airex mats are an ideal basis for any kind of training; indoor, outdoor and in the water.
They are easy to use, flexible, safe and robust with indestructible material they always stay in top shape.
AIREX® products have been awarded the AGR quality cachet: Certified and recommended by Association Forum Healthy Back – Better Living and Federal Association of German Back Schools.
                          Premium quality for any type of use
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