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                 Range of Motion
Stainless-Steel Goniometers
Professional quality goniometers feature clearly marked degree increments and easy to read inch and centimetre linear measurements. Goniometers are available separately.
1 15cm (6˝) Steel Finger/Toe Goniometer
Stainless steel goniometer measures range of motion of finger joints (metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal) and other small joints including toes. Head has two opposing 180° scales marked in 5° increments. A linear scale in inches and centimetres is on the arm.
2 18cm (7˝) “Robinson” Pocket Goniometer
Has two 180° scales that read in opposite directions. Scale is marked in 5° increments. Ideal for measuring small joints of the hand.
3 20cm (8˝) Goniometer
Has two 180° scales in opposite directions marked in 1° increments. Turn the knurled knob to vary amount of tension on the arms or to fully lock them.
4 35cm (14˝) Goniometer
Features one 360° and two 180° scales that read in opposite directions. Scales marked in 1° increments. Locking arm. Knurled knob adjusts goniometer arm tension.
5 Baseline® 180° Digit Goniometer
Using your finger, move the measurement head through
flexion, extension and hyperextension. Measures 110° flexion and 40° hyperextension in 5° increments. Arm has 10cm/ 4˝ scale. This goniometer is also known as a one hand goniometer because the therapist, using only one hand, can take readings and can use the other hand to stabilise the patient or record
the measurements. The standard finger goniometer requires the therapist to use two hands to make a finger range-of-motion measurement.
091141027 A Plastic Goniometer
091141035 B Steel Goniometer
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