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                 Diabetes Diagnostics
      1 Neuropen® Kit
“Foot ulceration causes considerable morbidity among patients with diabetes mellitus and the amputation of a foot or leg remains its most dreaded consequence”*
*Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice 13 (1991) 63-68
Peripheral neuropathy cannot be excluded without regular
foot screening in conjunction with symptomatic and clinical assessments. Neuropen is an effective aid to this screening programme, meeting and exceeding current practices by being the first dual purpose, pocket size device designed to provide a safe and reliable test.
Neuropen is a dual function-screening device, the 10g monofilament test enables the clinical to map areas of reduced pressure perception by exerting a specific repeatable force on the test site.
Using a Neurotip within a Neuropen ensures that a quantifiable force of 40g can be exerted safely onto the skin, this standard measurement will identify patients with a decrease in sensation to sharpness.
091251909 Neuropen with 1×10g Monofilament
and 1×Neurotip
091213248 Replacement 10g Monofilament (5 pack) 091251891 Replacement Neurotips (100 pack)
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