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                 Raised Toilet Seats
1 Ashby Easyfit Raised Toilet Seat
The Ashby Easyfit raised toilet seat is available in 50mm, 100mm or 150mm heights. The 150mm is available in white colour only. Made from polyethylene and moulded as a one piece seat to reduce any hygiene issues. To further reduce cross infection, the seat has permanent anti-bacterial qualities and is resistant to stains and odour. Simple to remove and fit, as the seat attaches to the toilet using two adjustable fixing brackets. The two adjustable fixing brackets also provides the user with a secure seating position. Available in white and red. Length 390mm (151/2˝). Width 380mm (15˝). Aperture 250×210mm (10×81⁄4˝).
091203561 081610989 091203587 Red 091538859 091538867
Maximum user weight
50mm (2˝) 100mm (4˝) 150mm (6˝)
50mm (2˝) 100mm (4˝)
1.75kg 2.1kg 2.8kg
1.75kg 2.1kg
  190 30 kg st
  2 Homecraft Taunton Raised Toilet Seat
This seat is gently contoured for comfort. The aperture is elongated compared to most seats and has a front cut-away for personal hygiene. The seat slopes slightly forward to assist with lowering and raising, and sits on moulded bumpers for stability. The seat is fully sealed and easy to clean. Three plastic moulded brackets allow external adjustment to fit most toilets.
Aperture 310×220mm (121/2×81/2˝).
Maximum user weight
Height Weight
50mm (2˝) 1kg 100mm (4˝) 1.5kg 150mm (6˝) 1.8kg
152 24 kg st
Spares are available for this product, for details and full spares listing please see pages 769 – 772.
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