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                 Rising Seats & Aids
    1 CouchCaneTM with Assist-A-Tray
With an ergonomic safety handle, this chair aid makes standing and sitting easy and safe. The swivel tray has multiple uses and incorporates a cup holder and utensil compartment. The frame
is adjustable in length and height to fit either side of the couch or chair. On the base of the frame there are super grip rubber pads to ensure stability and protect the floor from damage. Height of tray 650 to 800mm (251/2 to 311/2˝). Height adjustment 850 to 1000mm (331/2 to 391/4˝). Dimensions of handle 150×150mm (6×6˝). Diameter of handle 31mm (11/4˝). Base length adjustment 500 to 900mm (20 to 351/2˝). Tray dimensions 400×450mm (153/4˝×173/4˝). Weight limit of tray 13kg. Weight 8.9kg. 081503903
  Maximum 114 173/4
user weight
kg st
 2 CouchCaneTM
This solid steel, 1m long base with anti-slip pads which is placed under furniture, provides stability and prevents furniture from sliding. The long handled cane is height adjustable and interchangeable for left or right side positioning. The cushioned handle provides extra assistance needed to rise from the settee, chair or recliner. Can be height adjusted from 725 to 800mm (281/2 to 311/2˝).
  Maximum 118 181/2
user weight
kg st
 3 Bariatric Patient/Dinner Chair
This chair has been designed to be individually adjusted to provide comfortable seating. The backrest can be adjusted
+/- 60mm (+/- 21⁄2˝) and the tubing is bent to provide maximum comfort. The chair is height adjustable from 420 to 550mm
(161⁄2 to 213⁄4˝). The armrests are constructed so that they go beyond the seat. This makes it easier to get a good grip when sitting down and getting up. They also bend outwards for a better grip so that the user’s body does not get squeezed getting in to and out of the chair. Made from high-tech lightweight tubing to ensure the highest strength at the lowest weight. Seat width 710mm (28˝). Seat depth 400 to 520mm (153⁄4 to 201⁄2˝).
Overall width 830mm (323⁄4˝). Weight 7.7kg.
  Maximum 325 51
 user weight
kg st
These products are designed for bariatric users
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