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                 Pre-cut Splints
           1 Rolyan® Long Arm TailorSplintTM with Radial Bar
Use when immobilisation of the elbow and wrist is required. Can be trimmed. Made of 3.2mm TailorSplint. Sold individually. 081061811
2 Rolyan® Metacarpal Fracture Splint
Use to protect fractures of the fourth and fifth metacarpal post cast when support is still needed. Can be trimmed proximally and distally as needed. 3.2mm TailorSplint. Pack of 3.
081061852 Small
081061860 Medium
3 Rolyan® Dorsal Wrist Cock-Up Splint
Designed to provide wrist immobilisation while leaving the MCP’s and thumb free for function. Ideal as a base for dynamic splints or for soft tissue injuries. For sizing measure width of second to fifth MCP. One per pack. Includes paediatric size.
Aquaplast-T 3.2mm Solid White
 081261981 Small 081262013 Small/Medium 081261999 Medium 081262005 Large
5.1-7.3cm 7.3-7.6cm 7.6-9.2cm 9.3-11.1cm
   4 Rolyan® Dorsal Blocking Splint
Designed to immobilise the wrist, MCP’s and IP joints leaving the thumb free for function. Sometimes called a back slab splint and
is used clinically following flexor tendon repairs. The palmar bar provides maximum support and reduces splint migration. Pack of 3.
Ezeform 3.2mm Solid White
081268713 Small
081268747 Medium
081061761 Large
Polyflex II 3.2mm Solid White 081268671 Small
081268721 Medium
Aquaplast ProDrape 3.2mm Solid White 081268762 Medium
5 Rolyan® Resting Pan Mitt Splint (Perforated)
Features newly designed perforations to provide extra ventilation without compromising the splints strength and stability. May be used either dorsally or volarly to provide support and protection for arthritic and neurological conditions. Pack of 3.
Ezeform 3.2mm White
081047687 Small 081047695 Medium 081047703 Large
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