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                 Pre-cut Splints
       Rolyan® Pre-Cut Sizing
Our pre-cut splint blanks are ready to heat and mould. Quick and easy to use, they save time, money and reduce waste material. Invert the pre-cut for right or left hand application. For size, measure across the second to fifth MCP. Size guide below:
X-Small Small Medium Large
Up to 7.6cm 7.6-8.9cm 8.9cm-10.8cm 11.4cm +
  1 Rolyan® TailorSplintTM CMC Pre-Cut
CMC Splint provides support for the CMC joint while leaving
all other joints of the hand free to move. Use in case of CMC instability or pain due to sprains, strains, rheumatoid arthritis and post surgery. Made from 2.4mm TailorSplint. Pack of 3.
Latex free. For sizing, see above.
081114495 Small
081114503 Medium
081114511 Large
2 Rolyan® Thumb Support Splint
 This pre-cut features newly designed perforations to provide extra ventilation without compromising stability. It provides strong but lightweight support for the CMC and MP joints of the thumb, leaving the wrist free for function. Clinical uses include CMC arthritis and ligamentous injuries. One size available, can be trimmed for a custom fit. Pack of 3.
081047711 Polyflex II 3.2mm
081047729 TailorSplint 2.4mm
081152982 Pro-Drape-T 2.4mm
3 Rolyan® Gauntlet Thumb Spica
Designed to immobilise the thumb CMC and MP joint. Ideal for providing support and stability for arthritis, ligamentous and soft tissue injuries. Pack of 3. For sizing, see above.
Aquaplast-T OptiPerf 1.6mm Perforated White
081286954 Small
081286962 Medium
081286970 Large
Polyflex 1.6mm Solid White
081286921 Small
081286939 Medium
081286947 Large
Aquaplast-T OptiPerf 1.6mm Solid White 081047539 Small
081047547 Medium
081047554 Large
Aquaplast-T ProDrape-T 1.6mm Charcoal 081153022 Small
081153063 Medium
081153105 Large
4 Rolyan® TailorSplintTM Wrist and Thumb Spica
Immobilises the wrist, CMC and MP joints of the thumb. Pack of 3. For sizing, see above.
TailorSplint 3.2mm Solid Beige
081081298 Small
081081306 Medium
   White Beige Charcoal
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