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                 Rolyan® Introductory Kits & Packs
  Rolyan® Introductory Splinting Kit
        To accompany Introduction to Splinting Book by Brenda M Coppard and Helene Lohman; Performance Health offer an introductory pack of low temperature thermoplastics. The pack contains a wide range
of Rolyan® materials for the therapist who wants to follow along with the exercises in the book or simply
to gain experience with a range of low-temperature thermoplastics.
The kit includes:
23×30cm (9×12˝) Sheet Size
• 3.2mm, white, solid, Rolyan® EzeformTM
• 2.4mm, white, solid, Rolyan® AquaplastTM ProDrapeTM-T
• 3.2mm, white, solid Rolyan® SynergyTM
• 3.2mm, white, solid TailorSplintTM
• 3.2mm, beige, solid
5×5cm (2×2˝) Sheet size 3.2mm (1/8˝)
• White, solid AquaplastTM-T • White, solid SynergyTM
• White, solid EzeformTM
• White, solid Polyflex IITM
• White, solid San-SplintTM
• Beige, solid TailorSplintTM
• Beige, solid AquaplastTM-T WatercolorsTM • Purple, solid AquaplastTM-T WatercolorsTM
Other splinting products
• SoftStrap® Strapping material, 2˝ (5cm) wide, 2 yd. (183cm) long (091045822)
• 2 outrigger wires, 3.2mm diameter, 91cm (1yd.) long (081275916)
• 8 rubber bands, size 30, 3.2mm wide × 5cm (2˝) long (081288760)
• 17cm 17.2cm Jamar plastic goniometer (081187467)
Blue codes are available upon request, subject to availability and increased lead times.
 Rolyan® Adapt-it Thermoplastic Pellets
        Melt pellets in hot water and mold onto utensils, household items, ambulation aids and recreation equipment. Can also be used for fabricating web spacers, joysticks, adapting head and mouth sticks, extending wheelchair brakes, and in crafts projects. Includes instructions. Latex free.
081288042 Economy Size, 1.4kg
   UK Medical Customers Tel: 03448 730 035 UK Trade Customers Tel: 03444 124 330 International Customers Tel: +44 1623 448 706

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