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                 Splinting Materials
        1 Rolyan® QuickCast “2”
The improved tape of the Rolyan QuickCast "2" is ideally suited for serial splinting or casting of fingers, as well as for paediatric applications. It can be applied directly to the patient's skin and provides for a low profile splint. The QuickCast "2" sets faster than casting material and does not require undercast padding. It can be removed with cast scissors, and does not require a cast saw. Dryer for heating is sold separately.
081416601 2.5cm×3.7m 081686468 5cm×3.7m
2 Rolyan® Adapt-It Thermoplastic Pellets
Melt pellets in hot water and mould onto utensils, household items, ambulation aids and recreation equipment. Can also be used for fabricating web spacers, joysticks, adapting head and mouth sticks, extending wheelchair brakes, and in craft projects. Latex free.
081288042 1.4kg
3 Rolyan® AquatubesTM Ultra ThinTM
Edging Material
Super thin thermoplastic material is designed to provide a smooth, durable edge reinforcement on splints fabricated from perforated Aquaplast materials. Quickly softens using a heat gun or hot water to instantly bond to splint. White.
Rolls measure 1.9cm×7.6m.
081303593 Roll
4 Rolyan® AquatubesTM Splinting Tubes
Instant bonding, low temperature, hollow splinting tubes permanently bond to all Rolyan splinting materials.
• Can be used as line guides to direct angle of pull and prevent
snagging of traction lines
• Ideal for dynamic outriggers and figure 8 splints
• Can be used as an economical, durable hinge
• Choice of 3 diameters
• White
• 60cm long
• Latex free
Outside Inside
Diameter Diameter
0813020254.8mm 1.6mm 0813020336.4mm 3.2mm 0813020419.5mm 3.2mm 081115047 Pack of 3 (one of each size)
081302025 081302033 081302041
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