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                 Bed Grab Rails
1 Parnell Premier Bed Rail
The Parnell bed rail is the ideal solution to help get in or out of
bed. Its attractive, ergonomic design complements virtually any bedroom. Functional, strong, hygienic and safe, it provides the user with confidence and independence. Stored flat when not in use, it can be easily assembled and quickly fitted to the bed without the use of tools. Designed for use with electrically adjustable beds, the bed rail can also be used on domestic beds including divans, pine and steel or wooden frame beds. The bed rail is also compliant with the BS EN 1970:2000 standard. Fits to single or double beds on either side, with a clamp that firmly sits between the floor and the bed base. Comes complete with a full length and width steel floor frame for added stability. The front base is flat so there is no tripping hazard or obstacle to wheelchairs or walking frames. As standard, the rail height is 810mm (32˝) high. Floor frame length 810mm (32˝), width 410mm (16˝). Rail height 810mm (32˝), width 280mm (11˝). Clearance required 38mm (11/2˝). Weight 9.5kg. 091172550
   Maximum 115 18
user weight
kg st
 2 Parnell Premier Plus Bed Rail
All the same benefits as the standard Parnell Premier Bed Rail with a few additions. The height to the top of the handrail has been increased to approx 920mm (361/4˝), making it suitable for higher beds or beds with very thick mattresses. The lead screw has additional height to cater for beds with a high clearance. The rail
is also suitable for the larger user, with a maximum user weight of 165kg (26st). Designed for profiling beds it also fits conventional domestic beds. Very simple to assemble and fit to the bed with no tools or ties or straps of any kind being required. Independently tested to the load requirements of BS EN 1970:2000. Rail height 920mm (361/4˝). Clearance required 38mm (11/2˝).
   Maximum 165 26
user weight
kg st
 3 Parnell Premier Platinum Bed Rail
This bed rail is designed for the bariatric user with a maximum user weight of 200kg (32st) making it suitable for higher beds or beds with very thick mattresses. Designed for domestic electric profiling beds as well as conventional domestic beds. Easy
to assemble and will fit to the bed with no tools, ties or straps
of any kind being required. Independently tested to the load requirements of BS EN 1970:2000 and BE EN 60601-2-52:2010. Rail height 920mm (36 1⁄4˝), minimum clearance required 30mm (11/5˝), maximum clearance 370mm (141⁄2˝), floor frame width 400mm (153⁄4”), floor frame length 820mm (321⁄4˝), hand rand width 280mm at top (11˝).
   Maximum 200 32
 user weight
kg st
 4 Elland Bed Grab Rail
The Elland bed grab rail has been designed especially to attach to the framework of metal beds. Can be fitted to either fixed or profiling beds. Supplied with two heavy-duty screw clamps that fix to the metalwork of the bed. Handle height 650mm (26˝). Handle width 350mm (14˝). Weight 2kg.
  Maximum 180 28
user weight
kg st
 5 Days Bed Loop
The bed loop provides additional support when getting into and out of bed, or can simply be used as an additional aid to achieve a comfortable position. The bed loop can be easily positioned onto the frame of the bed and can be secured by two ergonomic easy to grip hand knobs. Designed for use with the CasaBeds and similar styles of bed. Gap at widest point 98mm (34/5˝). 091439546
user weight
  Maximum 125 191/2
  kg st
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