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                 Bed Grab Rails
   1 Bed Leaver®
For many people, rising from a lying to a sitting position and then standing is extremely difficult. Bed grab rails can provide the answer in most cases and also help restore independence to the user. The Liftwell Bed Leaver Bed Grab Rail has become one of the healthcare industry’s best known and most trusted bedroom aids. Consisting of a coated steel rail attached to a hard-wearing, wooden baseboard that is sealed and lacquered. Supplied
with fixing straps to secure the rail in position on any size bed. Width 330mm (13˝). Length 600mm (231/2˝). Handle Height 500mm (191/2˝). Weight 4kg.
  Maximum 108 17
 user weight
kg st
     2 Easyleaver® Bed Rail
This device enables the user to pull themselves from a lying position to a seated position when in bed. It also provides support when standing or entering and leaving the bed, thus helping to promote independence within the bedroom. May be used with most beds and cannot be felt through a standard depth mattress. Easy to assemble and supplied with fixing straps for extra security. Suitable for single to king size beds.
Width 365mm (143/8˝). Length 620mm (241/2˝). Handle height 470mm (181/2˝). Weight 3.1kg.
  Maximum 108 17
 user weight
kg st
 3 Heavy Duty Easyleaver®
Similar to the EasyLeaver above, but bigger and thicker gauge metal giving an increased weight limit for the larger user. Supplied with fixing straps for extra security. Width 440mm (17˝). Length 780mm (31˝). Handle height 470mm (181/2˝). Weight 4.3kg. 091089440
    Maximum 160 25
user weight
kg st
 4 Easyrail®
This extremely popular rail is suitable for use with slatted beds. Specially designed to sit flat within the bed frame and offer all
of the benefits of the grab rails above. The single-handle version is ideal for any size bed and the twin-handled version can be used when both occupants need assistance or when a single occupant needs to turn over. Width 445mm (171/2˝).
Handle Height 470mm (181/2˝).
Maximum user weight
A Single 670mm (261/2˝)
B Twin 972-1575mm (38-62˝)
127 20 kg st
3.5kg 6.9kg
Spares are available for this product, for details and full spares listing please contact Customer Services.
  UK Medical Customers Tel: 03448 730 035 UK Trade Customers Tel: 03444 124 330 International Customers Tel: +44 1623 448 706
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