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           1 Homecraft Plastic Shoehorn
An inexpensive plastic moulded shoehorn. A long handle gives excellent reach. It also has a hanging loop attached to the handle. Length 430mm (17˝). Weight 37g.
081611136 Retail Packed
091095140 Non Retail
2 Homecraft Extra Long Plastic Shoehorn
An extra long shoehorn that eliminates bending and stooping whilst applying footwear. The hanging loop attached enables the shoehorn to be located in an easy to reach location. Length 560mm (22˝). Maximum width 45mm (13/4˝). 091318062 Retail Packed
091318070 Non Retail
3 Homecraft Metal Shoehorn
A sturdy long white epoxy coated steel shoehorn for
easier reaching. The soft PVC handgrip is hook-shaped for hanging and hooking. Length 600mm (233/4˝). Weight 233g. 091095181 Retail Packed
091095173 Non Retail
4 Homecraft Chrome Shoehorn
A luxury, chromed metal, long stemmed shoehorn. The shoehorn blade is mounted on a spring to allow it to bend in relation to
the handle when levering on shoes. The comfy plastic handle is easier for the user to grip and has a hanging loop.
Length 600mm (233/4˝). Weight 115g. 091095199 Retail Packed
These products are supplied in retail packaging.
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