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                 Finger Splints
1 Rolyan® Static Progressive Finger Extension Splint
Provides constant force to help correct finger flexion contractures. Two D-Ring straps can be worn parallel to each other or crossed. Includes two to four bolts depending on size - to treat tight contractures, replace the standard bolt with the shorter one.
For size, measure length of finger from web space to tip.
081280353 XX-Small 081280361 X-Small 081280379 Small 081280387 Medium 081280395 Large 081280403 X-Large
5.1 - 6.4cm 6.5 - 7.6cm 7.7 - 8.3cm 8.4 - 8.9cm 9.0 - 9.5cm 9.6 - 10.2cm
   2 Rolyan® Static Progressive Finger Flexion Splint
Provides constant force to help correct finger extension contractures. Full composite PIP and DIP joint flexion can be achieved. Made from 1.6mm Aquaplast-T splinting material with a 1.6mm self-adhesive Plastazote liner. For size, measure length of finger from web space to tip.
081280833 XX-Small 081280841 X-Small 081280858 Small 081280866 Medium 081280874 Large 081280882 X-Large
3.8 - 5cm 5.1 - 5.7cm 5.8 - 7cm 7.1 - 7.9cm 8 - 8.9cm 9 - 9.5cm
 3 Reverse Finger Knuckle Bender
Dynamic finger splint extends the PIP joint through rubber band traction in combination with three points of pressure. Constructed of stainless steel, with felt pads. Tension can be adjusted by varying the size of the rubber bands. No.10 rubber bands are included. Sizing guidelines below.
081280015 X-Small 081280031 Small 081280098 Medium 081280106 Large 081280114 X-Large
3.8cm 4.4cm 5.1cm 5.7cm 6.4cm
 4 Finger Knuckle Bender
Dynamic splint flexes the PIP joint by use of rubber band traction. Made of stainless steel and padded with felt for comfort. No.10 rubber bands included. Sizing guidelines below.
081280122 X-Small
081280130 Small 081280148 Medium 081280155 Large 081280023 X-Large
5 Rolyan® PIP Ligament Repair Splint
Designed to allow active PIP flexion and extension, yet limit radial and ulnar deviation of the PIP joint. Polycentric hinge helps prevent distal migration of the splint during flexion. Indicated for PIP injuries such as sprains and strains and for repair of partial collateral ligament tears. Can be modified using pliers. Straps included. To determine size, measure circumference of PIP joint.
081283167 Small 081283175 Medium 081283183 Large
Up to 5.4cm 5.4 - 6.4cm 6.5 - 7.6cm
  “How-to-Fit” Measuring Guide for Items 2 and 3
  For size, measure the distance from MCP to DIP on the dorsal surface of the finger to be splinted. Splints may be adjusted for in-between sizes and to conform to hand contours.
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