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Drink Holders
Sammons Preston®
Collapsible Drink
Holder. Holds beverage
cups, cans and bottles.
Easily snaps onto upright
of wheelchairs, walkers,
quad and standard
canes. Double rings and
shelf hold containers of
8 - 44 oz. (up to 31/2” diameter). Folds to 1/2” deep. Black. Latex free. 1152
Sammons Preston® Wheelchair Beverage Holder. Fits containers 21/2”- 3” in diameter. Snaps in place. Top ring on holder can be manipulated to increase or decrease opening size. Latex free.
Preston® Cup
and Holder for
Clips onto any
wheelchair, cane,
walker, etc. Large-
handled cup
features snap-on
lid with an opening
for drinking.
Dishwasher safe to 125°F. Holds up to 8-oz. Plastic-coated clips prevent scratching and provide a strong hold. Sorry, no color choice. Latex free.
Multi-Mount Drink Holder. Mount fits all 7/8” to 11/2” round or square tubing,
or attaches to any 1” x 3” vertical surface. Universal brackets mount horizontally or vertically to lock in desired angle. Holds 10-32 oz. drinks in bottles, cans, mugs or cups. Simple screwdriver installa- tion. 43/4”H x 31/2”W without insert,
6”H x 3”W with. Latex free.
Cage Sport
Bottle Holder
with Bottle.
Stainless steel
cage design and
a clamping system
allow it to be
securely held on
wheelchair arm-
rests, crutches,
walkers, or other
rail type of frames. Elastomer blocks and hook & loop cinching provide a wide range of uses. Includes 24 oz. large mouth bottle. 552514
Desk Arm
Standard Arm
Two Slot Cup/Mug Holder. Tough plastic holder with two slots to accommodate both one- or two- handled cups, bottles, cans and glasses 21/2”- 3” in diameter. Attach to any round wheelchair element. Large lever knob easily tightens clamp on any upright 1” or 7/8” tubing. Bilateral. 5”H x 4”W. Latex free. 1150
Sammons Preston® Wheelchair Beverage Holder. Holder supports beverages from 12 - 20 oz. (21/4”- 31/2” in diameter) with removable insulator (koozie), and up to a 1-quart bottled drink without the koozie. Easily attaches to wheelchairs with included nylon bracket. Latex free. 1131
Cage Cup Holder with Insulated Jacket. Securely attaches to wheelchair armrests, crutches, walkers, or other frames with a rail. Features stainless steel cage design, clamping system, elastomer blocks and hook & loop cinching. Insulated
jacket is black.

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