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Offset Door Hinges. Add two inches to the width of doorway for extra wheelchair clearance. Use existing hinge holes and screws. Two to a package. Measures 2”W x 31/2” L. Latex free.
6523 Brass 081567205 Black 081567213 Satin Nickel
Wheelchair Wheelchair Accessories
Wheel-EaseTM Wheelchair Rim Cover.
With a soft smooth finish, these grips improve traction, promote proper hand placement, and cushion hands. Thermal insulation shields hands from cold metal rims. Installs quickly and easily on standard 24” wheelchair rims without tools.
Sold in pairs.
Spoke Cover. Foam disks laminated to fabric hide spokes and help protect fingers. Hook & loop fasteners provide quick attachment. Sold in pairs. Measure spoke diameter.
A510925 Small, 20” A510926 Large, 20”-22”
Sammons Preston® Bright Brakes.
Increases visibility of brake extension ends while providing a comfortable and easy-to- hold grip. Blue, teal or gold metallic finish (sorry, no color choice). Sold as a pair. Brake extensions sold separately (652402 or 652403 or 652404). Latex free.
Lap Blanket with Hand Warmer & Foot Pocket. Full length warmer includes two sheepskin-lined pockets for the hands and
a center pocket for storing personal items. The lower portion, consisting of synthetic sheepskin, drapes around the legs for added warmth. Easily attaches to the wheelchair with two quick-release hook and loop straps. 081566520
Activity Apron. For residents who
have impaired cognitive function. Multiple textures and surfaces offer tactile stimulation. Various hand activities help improve finger dexterity and eye-hand coordination. Helps in improving dressing skills such as using zippers and buttons. 081534411
Sammons Preston® Wheelchair Brake Lock Extension. Chrome plated steel extension. Flattened end fits over standard brake lock and adds 11”. Extension with cord attachment prevents extensions from getting lost or misplaced during transfers. Made of 5/8” round tubing. Latex free. 652402 Single
652403 Pair
552504 Single with Cord

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