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3 Extra Lids
Cups & Mugs
People Feeder.
Allows caregiver to
dispense food at any
rate. A soft, silicone
feeding nozzle can be
squeezed to control
the flow of food into
the patients mouth.
51⁄2” nozzle holds one tablespoon. 8 oz. food reservoir has a plunger to force food through a side port. Dishwasher safe. Latex free. 920616 People Feeder
Maddak Drinking Aid with
Flow Regulator. Ideal for people
who have oralmotor limitations
that make it difficult to drink
independently. Liquid is delivered
into the person’s mouth through
a soft silicone nozzle. Caregiver
controls the amount of fluid by
pressing and releasing the regula-
tor’s trigger. Can be used for hot
or cold drinks. The reservoir can hold 8 oz. and tapered 51⁄2” long nozzle holds 1 oz. at a time. Dishwasher safe.
920617 Replacement Nozzles, Two
Feeding Cup. 8-oz. cup has a mouth- piece large enough to hold a straw. Finger-on air vent controls flow of liquid. Mouthpiece permits intake without dribbling. Rubber button contains latex. Dishwasher safe to 125°F. BPA free. A7793
Wonder-Flo® Cup. For drinking in semireclined position. Liquid stops flowing when user isnt drawing. Rubber button will release small amounts of fluid for controlled feeding. Microwavable, autoclavable nylon. 8 oz. Button contains latex.
PROVALETM Regulating
Drinking Cup. Delivers
a fixed amount of liquid
with every drinking mo-
tion. The cup provides
measured small amounts
of liquid (either 5cc or
10cc) without the use of thickeners. Helps preserve the dignity of those who suffer from dysphagia or disorders associated with dif- ficulties swallowing. Cup has broad base to minimize tipping and spilling. Both hold 8 ounces. Also allows for cleanup to be limited
to one piece of dinnerware rather than several parts of other feeders. Includes 2 removable handles. Easy to clean and institutional dish- washer safe. 5cc cup comes in blue, 10cc cup comes in brown.
No color choices.
551845 5cc Provale Cup 081536150 Pack of 5, 5cc cups 551846 10cc Provale Cup 081536168 Pack of 5, 10cc cups
Save $ money when you purchase a pack of 5!
The very popular Provale cup in 2 sizes
It won’t spill! Drink while sitting or reclining with confidence.
KennedyTM Cup. Perfect when sitting or reclining. Easy-to-grip handle can be picked up by those with weak grasp. Lid screws on tightly to prevent spills or leaks. Accepts any standard disposable straw. Measures 41⁄2” tall and holds 7 oz. Dishwasher safe to 180°F. Can use feeding cup base 1255 for more stability. Latex free.
1249 Kennedy Cup
081506955 Package of 10 Cups 124901 Replacement Lids, Package of 6 1255 Base
Save $ money when you purchase the package of 10!
Feeding Cup. Large
mouthpiece for intake
without dribbling, with
hole that will hold a
straw. Autoclavable
polypropylene with 4-,
6- and 8-oz. mark-
ings. 5” diameter
base. Base and extra
lids sold separately.
Dishwasher safe to
125°F. Latex free.
1254 Cup
081506948 Package of 10 Cups 1255 Base
Shown with optional base and lid
125401 3 Extra Lids
Save $ money when you purchase a pack of 10!

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