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12 oz. Weighted Cup with Lid. 12-oz. cup with eight extra ounces of weight makes
it easier for clients
with tremors
and athetosis to
control movement
while drinking.
Insulates hot or cold liquids. Features easy-to-grasp handle and stable, wide base. Polypropylene. Can also be used with 112302 Snorkel Lid or 113701 Mug/ Tumbler Lid. Not recommended for insti- tutional dishwasher or microwave. BPA, Phthalates and Latex free.
1108 Bottom Coaster Weight
110801 Internal Coaster Weight
081601400 Pack of 5 - 12 oz. Weight Cup w/ Lid, Internal
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Weighted/Unweighted Cups & Mugs
Hand to Hand Mug. Contoured shape makes it easy and comfortable to grip with one or two hands. The double-wall design insulates the hands from heat and cold while retaining the temperature inside the mug. Holds 10 oz. Top rack dishwasher and microwave safe.
Ergo Mug. Easy-to-hold cup has an extra- wide handle and grooved gripping surface. A small finger rest opposite the handle al- lows the mug to be lifted with both hands, reducing the risk of spills. Graduation mark- ings and translucent plastic make it easy to see how much fluid is consumed. Holds 9.5 oz., hot or cold. Lid features a large angled spout and prevents spilling. Mug and lid are dishwasher- and microwave-safe. 081565126 Clear Mug
081565134 White Lid
Clear 2-Handle,
12 oz. Mug.
Made from
plastic with an
extra-large base
and two large
handles. Holds
12 ounces of cold or warmbeverage.Volumemark- ingsshow capacity and are easily viewable from the outside. Comes with two different lids–both accommodate a straw. The anti-splash lid helps prevent spilling, and has both a high- flow and low-flow feature. Mug and lids are institutional dishwasher safe.
565960 1172
No-Tip Weighted Base Cup. Two- handled cup with weighted base and rounded corners is ideal for pediatric use. Self-righting, even when released from a lying position. Clear plastic, dish-shaped lid has two holes to let fluid flow into the dish for drinking. Another lid has a molded plastic mouthpiece. Holds up to 61⁄2 oz. Top rack dishwasher safe. BPA and Latex free.
Insulated Weighted Cup. Keeps food and drink warm or cold. Weight has been added internally to the base to reduce tremors of the hand. Holds up to 8 oz. Blue. Comes with lid. BPA, Phthalates and Latex free.
Homecraft Clear
Mug. Tough material
prevents accidental
breakage. Liquid
consumption is easily
measured by the
marked gradations.
The mug is supplied with a choice of lids.
A spout lid simplifies drinking. A recessed spillproof lid avoids splashes. Lids from the Independence range also fit. The mug is dish- washer safe; lids are not. Holds 13.5 oz.
C=100, M=80, Y=O, K=O
PARSONS ORANGE: PANTONE 172 C=0, M=65, Y=83, K=0
Weighted Two
Handle Mug. This
crystal clear plastic
mug has a base
with a weight of 10
oz. and two large
handles to make
drinking safer and easier. The handles will accommodate four adult fingers; the lid has a drinking spout to prevent spills. Capacity 10 oz. Dishwasher safe up to 194°F. Not recom- mended for microwaves.
Package of 3
Lids. Both Snorkel Lids
and Mug/ Tumbler Lids
will fit 1137, 1123, 1108,
110801, 920349, 557142,
1256, 1121, 565987 and 081551936. Both lids can regulate flow. Dishwasher safe to 180°F. BPA, Phthalates and Latex free. Package of 6.
112302 Snorkel Lids
113701 Mug/Tumbler Lids 081551936 With Tumbler Lid,
Red 12 oz.

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