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Homecraft Mighty Lever Jar and Bottle Opener. The flexible stainless
steel band is fitted around a lid, and then clamped tight using the screw at the end of the handle, which can be used as a lever. Suitable for tops 3⁄4” to 41⁄2” in diameter. 081501329
Jar, Bottle & Can Openers
Spill-Not Jar & Bottle Opener. Ideal for one handed operation or for those with weak grasps. Plastic, nonskid base has three rubber-lined, cone shaped openings to hold jars or bottles from 1” to over 4” in diameter. Latex free.
Black SureCut Electric Can Opener.
Extra-tall design lets this electric can opener open virtually any size can. And its patented SureCut technology gets it done on the first try. Includes removable wash- able cutting assembly, built-in cord storage to keep working space clean and safe,
and hands-free auto shut-off. Built-in knife sharpener easily sharpens all your knives. 081621515
Can be used for door knobs too!
Great GripsTM Twisters. Versatile ther- moplastic knob covers combine non-skid grip with a built-in lever design to alleviate the need for strong grip or dexterity. 21⁄4” long with inside diameter of 13⁄8”, grips when soaked in warm water, stretch up
to 4 times their original size. Can be used on difficult to manipulate surfaces such as doorknobs, faucet handles, outside faucets, and gardening tools. Latex free
6399 Package of 2
PurrfectTM Opener. This cool “cat” is safe, quick and easy to use. The opener will grip medicine caps, open aligned-arrow
caps, pull out the
cotton from the bottle,
pierce individually
wrapped pills, push
pills into convenient
pockets, split pills ef-
fortlessly, lift lids out of newly opened cans and open enve- lopes. All this, plus a magnet for convenient storage.
Yellow lid opener not included.
Multi Opener. Features durable and comfortable grip. This tool opens
six different types of seals and
lids: bags, safety seals, pull tabs, bottle caps, bottle tops and jar
lids. Made of polycarbonate, Santoprene and stainless steel. 561507

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