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Trio Jar and Bottle Opener. Four different opening functions: releasing vacuum lids, twisting lids up to 5” in diameter, opening bottle caps, and opening pry-up and pop-up caps. Trio is made of plastic with a rubber surface on the bottom. The 7” tool comes with a 4” diameter non-slide pad that is used to hold jars and bottles in place while being opened with the handle. The non-slide rubber pad can also be used by itself to open certain jars and bottles. Latex free.
Dining Jar, Bottle & Can Openers
Dycem® Multi-Purpose Jar Openers.
Provides a non-slip surface to make opening stubborn jar and bottle lids easier. Ideal for reducing hand strain and improving grip. Latex free. Antimicrobial.
Ableware All-Out Universal Opener.
A multifunctional tool that provides the le- verage needed to open most packaged food items. Makes it easier and less painful for people with arthritis and other hand limita- tions to open packages, containers, bottles and cans.
Sheet Jar Opener
Domed Jar Opener 6613
Bottle Opener
Sologrip. Revolutionary design makes it easy to open jars and bottles with one hand! Wedge shape accommodates wide range of shapes and sizes from medicine bottles to two-liter bottle with no moving parts. Fits in standard kitchen drawers for hidden access and storage. Nonslip base provides a secure grip on counter tops. Can be used in conjunction with other lid turning openers.
Good Grips® Non-Slip Jar Opener.
Four-inch ergonomic handle is made
of a rubber-like material that bends to
conform to the user’s grip. Nonslip, even when wet. Opener works on lids up to 4” in diameter. Overall length is 81⁄2”. Dishwasher safe up to 125°F. Latex free. 3082

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