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Handheld Showers Bathing
Deluxe Handheld Shower Massager.
Features three spray options and adjust- able massaging head. Chrome shower arm mount and extra-long 84” chrome/mylar- reinforced, tangle-free hose. Can be used as handheld shower spray or used in handle mount as a traditional shower head. 556914
Deluxe Handheld Shower Spray. Sleek design with a chrome finish features six spray settings on the shower head. It is lightweight, easy to grip and has an easy on/off switch on the handle. Includes diverter valve and 82” hose.
Moen® Pause
Shower. Reduce
and restart water
flow with the
touch of a button.
An easy to turn,
oversized spray
control lets you
choose from
shower, pulsating
or massage set-
tings. Allows easy
showering while
seated or standing
with an extra-long 84” flex-soft hose. Lightweight, soft-grip handle with safety strap.
565824 Chrome finish
Deluxe Handheld Shower. Push-button control on shower head provides easy on/ off water control while bathing. 84” hose for extended reach. Increases bathing inde- pendence. Includes hose, swivel connector, and two chrome-plated self-adhesive wall mounts. Hose diameter 1⁄2”.
Hand Shower. Soothes tired muscles. Easy-to-install. Convenient on/off switch. Fits standard 1⁄2” threaded shower pipe. Includes over 6 feet of white vinyl tubing. 565767
PARSONS ORANGE: PANTONE 172 C=0, M=65, Y=83, K=0
Adjustable Wall Bar Shower Set.
Includes a metal wall mounting bar 251⁄2” L so the shower head holder can be po- sitioned to suit the bathers height. The bar has a soap dish. Chrome flex hose is 84” long. The shower head has an on/off button. The diverter valve allows hose to be attached to the existing shower head. Bright chrome plated.
C=100, M=80, Y=O, K=O
24” Wall Bar Unit with Ultra Flex Hose. Push button trickle/full spray hand shower with 24” wall grab bar, slide mechanism and 70” UltraFlex® plastic hose. Trickle setting for shampoo/soap-up; anti-clog nozzles for removal of mineral deposits. Vertical, horizontal or diagonal in- stallation. Easy-grip adjustable mechanism. 559143 Chrome
559144 White

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