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Handle angle can be customized for use
Bath Sponge
and Toe
bath sponge
and toe washer
equals two
cleansing tools
in one. Made of
polyfoam that is treated with an antibacte- rial agent to prolong sponge life. Save by buying this 2-in-1 product. Latex free. 081622828
Sponge. This
24” long coated
wire sponge
features an
easy-grip handle
on one end and
a yellow sponge
on the other. The wire is flexible enough to bend to any shape to make reaching easier. AA1831C
Two per package
Wedge Sponge. Soft foam 3”W x 4”L x 2”D sponge with 8” wooden handle. Package of 2. Latex free.
Lightweight soap sponge for easier cleaning
Soap Sponge. Slip a small bar of soap inside the Soap Sponge and wash without having to hold a slippery bar of soap. Ideal for stroke patients or persons with limited reach. Plastic handle measures 12” long. Weighs 4 oz.
Scrub Sponges
SkinFinityTM Kit. Features a lotion applicator that fits comfortably in the hand with a patented design, ergo- nomic wand and nonslip grip. Easy to use, easy to clean. No waste, no mess. Allows access to hard-to-reach areas when applying creams, lotions or gels such as moisturizer, sunscreen, medical and pain relief products. Multipurpose/ interchangeable heads for Moisturizing, Cleansing, Exfoliating and Smoothing. Helps patients with skin diseases
and those who have limited ROM. It simplifies reaching even if you have tight shoulders. The portable, compact product comes with a lotion head, bath sponge/loofah, pumice stone and travel case. Its a great value, doing the work of four separate devices. SkinFinity uses the right amount of pressure to apply
a smooth, even layer. The wand snaps securely into place and can be used fully extended or folded in half. A notch for correct placement makes attachments easy to change.
Sammons Preston® Bath Sponge.
Comfortable, easy-to-grip long handle increases bathing independence for people who have limited range of motion. 26” total length. Made from recycled plastic. Angle of handle can be customized using a heat gun. Latex free.
A7228 Round Sponge A7229 Contoured Sponge
Round Sponge - Pack of 25 Contoured Sponge - Pack of 25
Save $ money when you purchase the package of 25!
Nonslip handle and textured side that massages
Scrub Sponge With Foam Handle.
Provides a firm grip and a large diameter, making the sponge easy to hold and especially useful for those who have ar- thritis. Soft nonslip surface. Handle bends to desired shape without heat. The foam head is large size and the unique shape has brushing texture on one side. 24” long. 081512896
Bendable Back Scrubber. Bends into an unlimited number of shapes to clean hard- to-reach places. Bend as desired to clean back, lower extremities, and for hanging and storage. Overall length 24”.
Bendable back scratcher
Bendable Back Scratcher. Bend as de- sired to scratch anywhere. 26”.

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