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Daily Care Kit. This kit provides people of all ages with products they need for activities of daily living. The kit features an Ergo Handle grip and includes a Contour Sponge, Shoehorn, one Toe Sponge (great for diabetics), Dressing Hook, and Back Scratcher. The accessories easily snap on and off the Ergo Handle. Ideal
for individuals with limited range of motion, arthritis, poor grasp and more. Handle can be bent with heat gun for desired angle. Latex free.
A722701 081506997
Pack of 3 foot- brushes
Replacement Sponge Tips, pkg. of 3
Foot Care & Body Wash
Dr. Josephs Original Footbrush.
For hygiene of lower extremities of people with limited access to their feet. Replaceable sponge tip for cleaning and applying medication between toes. Plastic contoured handle. Nylon brush for comfort. Includes wrist strap. Overall length is 241⁄2”, with 33⁄4” brush and 13⁄8” wedge-tip sponge (2 sponges included).
Daily Care Kit
Ergo Handle (only) Replacement Contour Sponge
Homecraft Toe Washer. Helps people who have limited access to their feet take care of their toes. Terry cloth pad covers a bendable wire frame that fits between toes. Includes two pads. Overall length 28”.
Toe Washer. This long-handled tool is key to foot hygiene for anyone who has trouble bending. Measures 25” with a soft built-up grip handle. Sponge can be removed.
Accessories simply snap in and out of handle
Dr. Joseph’s Universal ADL Accessories. Choose from inter- changeable ADL accessories to best meet individual self-care needs. Designed by physicians to provide hygiene, inspection and care of the lower leg, ankle and foot.
A722703 Handle and Footbrush
Daily Care Diabetic Foot Care Kit. This kit contains foot care essentials for diabetics or those who are unable to reach their feet. Allows user to clean or apply medication to hard-to reach areas such as between toes for prevention of foot ulcerations and infections. Features an ergo handle grip and includes snap-on soft foot brush and package of three sponges. Optional adjustable mirror is perfect for inspecting lower leg, ankle and foot. Handle can be bent with heat gun for desired angle. Handle length 22” without at- tachments. Latex free.
Daily Care Diabetic Foot Kit Toe Sponge, Package of 3 Footbrush
Inspection Mirror
Dr. Joseph’s
Diabetic Foot Kit.
For hygiene, inspection
and care of the lower
leg, ankle and foot.
Includes a long-han-
dled brush, adjustable
mirror for inspection,
two small sponges for
cleaning between toes and applying medication, a large sponge for general cleaning, and a 5.07ml monofilament to test foot sensation. All accessories snap easily into 22”-long handle. Includes wrist strap. A722700

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