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EZ-ShampooTM Basin. Cushions neck and shoulders and sup- ports head when washing clients hair in bed. Inflates by mouth. Manufactured of heavy-duty vinyl. Drain hose removes water and suds. 24”W x 20”L x 8”D. Latex free.
Shampoo Funnel. A comfortable solution for customers that are unable to tilt their head back due to back or neck surgery. Designed for washing hair in an upright posi- tion. Adjustable hook and loop fasteners to fit all head sizes. No drips, leaks or mess. Includes sealed vinyl funnel for water run-off.
Bathing Bathing & Showering Accessories
Inflatable Crescent Shaped Shampoo
Basin. Fits into the space on a bed that is normally occupied by a pillow. At shampoo time, the pillow is re- moved and replaced with the shampoo basin. No repositioning of
the person being shampooed is necessary. The basin is inflated by mouth to form a semi-circular ring with a flat side for neck support. A large drain tube is located at the side for easy drainage into a pail. Folds when not in use. Made of white heat-sealed plastic.
EZ-Shampoo Hair Washing Tray. Easy to use, portable, plastic tray rests comfortably for easy shampooing. Can be used with almost any chair. Compact and lightweight, this tray is great for travel and easily fits in a suitcase. Contoured 13⁄8” sides support neck. 351⁄2” strap wraps around clients forearm to stabilize tray. Cleans easily with soap or household disinfectant and water. Strap not removable. Overall dimensions: 123⁄4”W x 171⁄3”L. Neck cutout 41⁄2”W. Latex free.
Shampoo Tray. Unique shape comfort-
ably conforms to the neck and eliminates leaking while water flow is being directed into the sink. High rim along the border of the tray ensures the water does not splash or
overflow. 54”-long loop strap provides a convenient handle and enables the user to keep the tray close to the body. Ideal for people in wheelchairs and others who need assistance with shampooing. Lightweight, sturdy plastic will not stain or chip. 21” x 16”. 081565027

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