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Stop cleaning commodes Let Sani-Bag+ do the work. Simply seal and toss!
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The Sani-Bag+TM Commode Liners. The Quick Clean commode liner is a completely self-contained, disposable system. The liner contains a gelling powder that solidifies liquid, breaks down solid waste, neutralizes odor and reduces the risk of patient cross contami- nation. Spillproof, biodegradable, land fill approved. Using this odorless, dry, enclosed system, theres no need to sanitize or clean your commode after use. It saves time, pro- vides discreet disposal of up to 32 oz. of solid and liquid waste and makes cleanup easy. 567058 Package of 10 (not individually wrapped)
565798 Bulk pack of 50 liners (not individually wrapped) 567089 Bulk pack of 200 liners (not individually wrapped)
Save $ money when you purchase bulk packs of 50 or 200!
Liquid Liquid solidified
Sani-Bag+ system will save you time and money by offering fast and easy cleanup – plus it is a discreet and dignified means of waste management.
Deluxe Autoclavable Bed Pan. Uniquely designed with convenience and comfort in mind. Constructed of heavy-duty molded plastic to help resist odors. Recommended for single-person use and easy to clean with standard household cleaners. Contoured designed molded plastic for adults. Can be boiled or autoclaved up to 275°F. Visual measurement in ounces or ccs. Size 14”
x 111/2”; back height 21/2”; front height 43/16”. Weight capacity 350 lbs.
Comfortable Bed Pan. Perfect for bariatric patients, with a certified weight capacity of 325 lbs. Fully autoclavable; holds over two quarts of liquid waste. Replaces both the pon- toon and fracture pans. 15”L x 141/4”W x 3”H at the highest point. Weighs 14 oz. 081534304
Stainless Steel Bedpan. The conventional bedpan has a greater capacity to prevent spillage. The fracture bedpan features a ta- pered end for added patient comfort. Ideal for immobile patients. 133/4”L x 111/2”W x 4”H. 081565985 Adult
Our deluxe bed pan is made of heavy-duty molded plastic
Toileting Bed Pans, Commode Accessories, & Incontinence Products
Contoured Vinyl Mattress Covers. Hospital grade white vinyl cover protects mattresses from fluid spills and incontinence problems. Reduces allergic reactions to dust and dander. Wipes clean with damp cloth, mild soap or disinfectant. Vinyl sides and elastic bottom slip over mattress easily. Measures 36”W x 80”L x 6”H. Latex free. 920555
Super Absorbent Disposable Liners. Adhesive tape is easy to position and reposition. Liners help reduce urine odor and skin irritations. Can be used with reusable incontinent pant or regular under- wear. Features 500cc capacity polymer filler. One generous size – 7” x 18” – fits most.
566371 25/bag
566372 12 bags of 25/case

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