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Toileting Incontinence Products
Incontinent Draw Sheet. Four-layer quilted sheets absorb, disperse and retain up to 46 fluid oz. Soft, brushed poly facing keeps user comfortably dry while sleeping or sitting. The sheet has tuck-in flaps and is 36”W x 40”L. Machine washable. Latex free. 6381
Waterproof Chair Pad. Anti-bacterial
rubber bonded to 100% cotton flannel
provides reliable protection for chairs, wheel-
chairs and furniture. Machine-washable fabric is more comfortable on skin than vinyl. Reusable. 18”W x 20”L pad. Latex free.
920557 Tapestry Print
920558 Tan
E-Z Slide TLC Positioning Pad. Facilitates transfers from bed to gurney, wheel-chair or vice versa. The full 40”W x 48”L transfer pad features four strong handles which allow safe lifting of a patient up to 250 lbs. Three-layer construction with top two layers absorbent and bottom layer impervious to fluids. New nylon bottom layer for easier sliding and added strength for heavier patients. Blue. 559395
TLC Positioning Pad. Sturdy 3-layer incontinence pad keeps skin dry and eliminates odors. Top layer absorbs and wicks away urine to protect skin from irritation while bottom liquid-proof layer protects bed linens. Stands up to repeated institutional laundering for long wear. Handy web loop on each corner makes pad a helpful positioning aid. Generous 40”W x 48”L size ensures full coverage and fewer accidents. Latex free. 920547
Great low price for quality underpad
Economy Reusable Underpad. Quilted 3-layer design controls and absorbs liquids. Polyester/cotton fabric with waterproof PVC- coated backing. Not bound. Finished edges.
Deluxe Reusable Quilted Underpad.
Controls and absorbs liquids. Quilted 3-layer design will not slip, ball, or shift. 7 oz. brushed polyester/rayon soaker with a PVC/ polyester back sheet to absorb and trap fluids. Entire pad is bound with water- proof binding for long life. Finished edges. 927675 36”W x 54”L
927676 36”W x 72”L
CareforTM Underpad. Absorbs liquids to help keep furniture and people dry. Quilting maintains shape of pad. Vinyl/polyester backing for waterproof, slip-resistant sur- face. Machine washable. Package of 2. A712001 Wheelchair Pad 18”W x
A712002 Mattress Pad 32”W x 36”L
32”W x 36”L 36”W x 54”L 36”W x 72”L

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